What You Will Need



    Mandatory Supplies for all levels

    • Chromebook fully charged everyday 
    • 3 Ring Binder (Must be separate from other classes.)
    • Pocket Folder to leave in class 
    • Marble Notebook to leave in class 
    • Loose Leaf Paper
    • Pens/Pencils/Highligters 
    • Index Cards 
    • Headphones (preferably with a cord)

    Suggested Supplies: 

    • 5 Binder Dividers labeled with the following: Hors d’œuvreDevoirs;  Vocabulaire; Grammaire; Culture 
    • Index cards

    Optional Supplies:

    • French/English Dictonary for home (or you can access an online dictionary by clicking the link below)
    •  www.wordreference.com
    • Colored pencils or marker



    * Image courtesy of animation playhouse http://www.animationplayhouse.com/new/dance1.html