• Student Parking Frequently Asked Questions
    When will I receive information about parking for the 2016-2017 school year?  A letter explaining the new process, as well as a registration form will be posted in June of 2016. You can also access these documents through the following links: Student Parking Letter Student Parking Registration Form.  To assist with data collection please fill out this Google Form when you submit your Registration Form: http://goo.gl/forms/7nKB1d4MOXg56W112
    When should I return my registration form and payment? All forms and payment need to be received by Mrs. Gillick at the high school by 3 pm on June 17th, 2016.
    Can I pay with cash?  No, only checks will be accepted. Checks should be made out to Governor Livingston High School with "student parking" in the memo.
    Should I mail my check to Mrs. Gillick or deliver it to the school? You can either mail or deliver your check.
    What if I cannot afford parking? Please see your assistant principal to share this information.
    I plan to send in my money, what happens if I am not selected for the lottery? All seniors are guaranteed at least one semester of student parking.  If you choose full-year parking and are not selected for the first semester, you will be automatically assigned a spot for one semester and $15 will be credited back to you.
    What is my money being used for anyway? This nominal fee will be assessed to assist with costs associated with student parking and the enforcement of the lot.
    Will there be spots for over-sized vehicles? Yes.  If you have an over-sized vehicle, be sure to indicate that on your registration page.  Administration has identified specific spots that would be able to accommodate larger vehicles.
    Do I need to have open campus in order to be assigned a student parking spot? No. All seniors are eligible for a spot, regardless of open campus status.
    Do I need a car in order to obtain a student parking spot?  Yes. Since this is a lottery system some students will not be assigned a spot.  In order to best utilize the student parking lot, we ask that students that are assigned spaces have a car that they can park.
    Can I share a spot with another student? Yes, please indicate that you would like to share a spot.  Both students must complete a registration form.  Each student will pay $15.  You will take priority over students not sharing a spot. 
    Can I sell my space to another student? No, students found to be selling their parking spot, can face disciplinary consequences up to and including loss of parking privilege.
    What if I do if I no longer need my parking space? You should inform the Assistant Principal's office and the space will be reassigned.
    Will the lottery be opened up to Juniors if there are any spots left over? At this time, on campus parking will be opened to juniors only if available parking spots remain.
    I received my space number, how do I know where to park? A map was mailed home with your parking permit.
    Someone parked in my spot.  What do I do? If someone is in your spot, you should park in the nearest open visitor space and report this violation to the Assistant Principals office.  Any Juniors found to be parking on campus illegally may automatically forfeit their right to open campus and/or senior year parking privileges. Any Senior found parking without a permit may forfeit the right to the second semester lottery and or/open campus. 
    There is snow on the ground, will I still be able to park? The District will do its best to make sure that they lot is clear, however, use good judgment on days that there is snow on the ground.  Do not assume that the lot will be 100% clear; carpool when possible.