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    Improving your Study Skills is the best way to improve your grades in all areas. Try some of these helpful tips:

    · Write all assignments in an assignment pad

    · Find a quiet place to work. Use a desk or table with plenty of light.

    ·Try to set aside a certain time each day to do homework and study.

    ·Take good notes in class. Place a “?” next to something you don’t understand, and later you can ask the teacher or research it further.

    ·Review your notes each night for 5-10 minutes.

    · When you have a test or quiz coming up, break up your studying into different days so you are not overwhelmed by too much information. Cramming makes it difficult to remember information for long periods of time.

    When studying try using some ‘tricks’:

    · Use acronyms (example- oh you lazy dog will help you remember the ould chunk)

    · Make index cards to study terms and concepts. Write the term/idea on one side and explain it on the other side. Shuffle the cards and go through them until you know them.

                   ~  have someone quiz you on the information