• Welcome to the Berkeley Heights Public Schools Department of Special Services!
    We strive for individualized, inclusive education for all students. Explore our pages for information and guidance regarding the provision of special education and related services throughout our school district. 
    To make a referral to the Child Study Team for an evaluation, a letter to the Director of Special Services should be mailed via the postal service or hand-delivered, with an original parent signature, noting the student's name, school, grade and reason for referral. The address of the Department of Special Services is 345 Plainfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922.
    Mrs. Michele Gardner, Director of Special Services 908-464-1298 1800
    Mr. Kevin Morra, Supervisor of Special Education 908-464-1298 1865
    Administrative Assistants
    Mrs. Tracy Bostwick 908-464-1298 1800
    Ms. Renee Murillo 908-464-1298 1810
    Mary Kay McMillin School
    Mrs. Maureen Brewster, LDT-C 908-464-1298 1820
    Dr. Susan Tennant, Psychologist 908-464-1298 1860
    Thomas P. Hughes School
    Dr. Heather McGarry, Psychologist 908-464-1298 1842
    Mrs. Toby Marcus, Social Worker 908-464-1298 1840
    William Woodruff School
    Mr. Paul Grant, LDT-C 908-464-1298 1628
    Mountain Park School
    Dr. Elizabeth Doerrbecker, BCBA/Psychologist 908-464-1298 1841
    Columbia Middle School
    Dr. Peter Sempepos, Psychologist 908-464-1298 1850
    Mrs. Sarah Fernandes, LDT-C 908-464-1298 1830
    Governor Livingston High School
    Mrs. Melissa Mohr,Psychologist                                   
    Ms. Carol Riegel, Psychologist
    908-464-3100 2388
    Ms. Jeannette Gates, LDT-C                         908-464-3100    2319
    Mr. Steve Siebelts, Social Worker 908-464-3100