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    Go Math is the math program used in second grade. Children gain mathematical knowledge through real life situations. During this year, the children will be exposed to the following skills:
    • Addition                                             • Subtraction
    • Word Problems                                   • Time
    • Money                                                 • Measurement
    • Estimation                                           • Geometry
    • Beginning Multiplication/Division         • Fractions

     * The children will be practicing their math skills through games, the use of manipulatives, and written review.

    * An important part of the second grade math program is Fact Review. This promotes the recall of basic math facts.
    * Each Friday the children complete a timed fact review sheet.

    The whole class begins in the 10-Minute Addition Club. Any child who completes the addition sheet in the allotted time, with no errors, will progress to the next club. There are 10, 7, and 5 minute clubs in the following:

    • Single Digit Addition                           • Single Digit Subtraction
    • Single Digit Multiplication                   • Single Digit Division