• abcs Our "Word Wall" is
    a list of sight words that first graders frequently use in their writing. These words are introduced at the rate of 5 per week. Word wall words often don't fit into "traditional" spelling patterns. Many of them cannot be sounded out phonetically.  The words are reviewed weekly and used to add more vocabulary to the children's written work. The words are arranged alphabetically, and during Writers' Workshop, as well as other writing times, children can refer to the Word Wall when they need to spell a basic sight word.
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    Week #1 the, I, a, and, to, is, his, do
    Week #2 we, she, he, be, me, as, has, you
    Week #3 c-v-c (consonant-short vowel-consonant) words/Real and Nonsense  
    Week #4 cat*, bus, dig, bed, of, for, or, was  
    Week #5 hit*, fox, sob, quit, your, said, they, one
    Week #6 thin*, shed, chop, whip, have, from, does, here
    Week #7 thick*, rash, rich, shock, quick, deck, much, thud
    Week #8 will*, off, mess, buzz, who, what, when, were
    Week #9 all*, tall, mall, shell, where, there, are, put
    Week #10 am*, an, Dan, ram, Pam, too, very, also
    Week #11 I'm, isn't, didn't, it's, I'll, wasn't, can't, don't
    Week #12 bugs, pups, paths, chills, why, by, my, try
    Week #13 clocks*, necks, kicks, packs, some, come, her, over  
    Week #14 number, eight, nine, five, four, seven, three, two
    Week #15 thing*, fang, song, lung, would, could, should, into
    Week #16 junk*, bank, honk, sink, say, says, each, our
    Week #17 wing*, sang, sank, chunk, thinks, thanks, rinks, honks  
    Week #18 best*, truck, swish, camp, see, between, any, many  
    Week #19 bunch*, ranch, shrug, pinch, how, now, down, friend
    Week #20 not*, melt, stop, gulp, out, about, other, another  
    Week #21 bell*, glass, twigs, red, none, nothing, people, month  
    Week #22 stump*, shrimp, twist, crunch, little, been, own, want  
    Week #23 blended*, printed, trusted, slanted, Mr., Mrs., work, word
    Week #24 sinking*, standing, spending, blinking, being, called, first, their
    Week #25 bike*, Pete, lane, hose, look, good, write, new
    Week #26 joke*, June, whale, quite, because, give, old, more
    Week #27 cupcake*, zigzag, publish, napkin, nice, happy, saw, year
    Week #28 squishes, foxes, classes, brushes, before, after, under, never