Meet The Teacher
    Hi!  My name is Lauren Ryan and I am pleased to meet you!!!  I have been teaching in Berkeley Heights since 1985!! I love working in Berkeley Heights and  teaching at the elementary level!!!
     I have one daughter named Michaela who is a sophomore at Towson University.  She loves animals and has an internship at the Baltimore Aqurium working with dolphins!  We have a lovable American Eskimo dog named Hogie and one cat  named Brie.
    I am an avid golfer and can be found most days in the summer at the golf course!!  I live near a great facility with a practice area!  I shot my first "eagle" a few years ago!!!  I have taken many golf vacations over the years and journeyed to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada; Naples and Bradenton, Fla. as well as Ocean City, Md. This past summer I golfed in Woodstock and Stratton, Vt!  It was so beautiful and much cooler than NJ!!!