hand drawing


         It is sometimes difficult to interpret a young child or abstract work of  art correctly. “What a great picture of a dog!” may bring wounded looks from your child and an exasperated explanation of the dinosaur that he/she really had in mind.

    Treat your child’s art with thoughtfulness. It is best to ask questions, make an observation, or talk about your child’s effort. Some good open ended questions are:

    • What bright colors you used here! What were you painting?
    • Can you tell me about this sculpture/painting?
    • Look at all the different kinds of lines you drew. What was your idea for this picture?
    • I can see you’ve been working very hard on this picture. Tell me
           about it.

    • This picture makes me feel happy. I see you used bright pastel
           colors and rounded shapes to show this feeling. 
      Please take time to ask your child to explain
      his/her projects and pictures to you. It teaches that you value his/her
      observations, expressions, and efforts. On some longer projects that take several
      weeks, I will send home a short explanation of the concepts covered in that
      piece of work.
         I am looking forward to working with your child this year. Thank you for your support.

    Sincerely, Mrs. Diana Bjorge, Art Teacher