• Welcome
    to ART at Mary Kay McMillin ECC

    Hello! This year your child will be observing their world, recalling and  expressing some of their experiences, and creating some unusual and unique  projects with their hands. We will enjoy art together! 

    It is suggested that your child bring in an old cotton pullover T-shirt
    (no buttons or ties please) to be used as a smock. We will be using some messy materials and
    your child may prefer to work in a less inhibited manner. Your child will keep their smock in their
    Please place the T-shirt in a zip lock plastic bag labeled with their name.                                                         This is for health reasons.


     Many of our most unusual and exciting projects will be made with objects and materials recycled by you from home !                                   Place them in my mailbox in the main office or you can leave them by the door to the art room.
    Here are some ideas:

     **Outdated calendars with great photos and
    reproductions. These become my file of visual resources to show “how something
    looks.” Some example themes are: cities, animals, landforms, architecture,
    frogs, gardens, folk art, aerial views, Impressionists, museum collections,

    **Buttons and beads.

    **Wood pieces from interior house projects (no treated lumber please).    I will have them cut down to size.

    ** Any unusual items or collections.

    Thanks so much. I look forward to teaching your child in art class this year.

    Mrs. Diana Bjorge, dbjorge@bhpsnj.org