• Bringing the Art Work Home


    "Children are very aware of whether or not you cherish their work."


    This quote makes me think of all the art work that students bring home during the year to share with their parents and family.  As we start the new year here are some solutions on how to sort, save and pass along your child's art work.


    HANG IT: beyond the refrigerator, try hanging a clothesline in the playroom or your child's room. The work can be hung with colorful clothespins and rotated easily.


    FRAME IT: No need for expensive frames. Local dollar and craft stores have inexpensive frames that come with mats too.


    STORE IT: The best pieces can be stored in a flat portfolio found in any art/ craft store and stashed under a bed or in a closet.It can also be rolled with wrapping paper or in tubes.


    PHOTOGRAPH IT: Photograph the work and publish in a book from a site such as snapfish,com, shutterfly.com, and  blurb.com. Great for family gifts. Make a file of each of your child's work.


    MAIL IT: Art work can be sent to in a mailing tube to  grandparents, former babysitters and friends.


    MAKE IT DISAPPEAR: Involve the child in this process. Explain artists keep only their best work in their portfolios. Have them keep what they like, not what you like and discard the rest. Try using the more colorful pieces for wrapping paper or as a background for scrap booking. Three dimensional pieces can be stored in clear shoe boxes if not already around the house.


    Think twice before throwing away your child's precious creations and try some of these alternatives.  Remember how important it is to your child that their work is valued.


    www.aenj.orgreprinted from YAMBEAT 2009