Hello! This year your child will be observing their world and expressing their reactions in unique and unusual forms. They will be introduced to various artists and styles of work.
    Student Work
    Your child's work will be sent home at the end of a project or unit. Please note the growth in your child's artistic development from the beginning to the end of the year. I often  select out standing student work  for shows and submissions in which case you'll receive a note. If at any time  you would like to view your child's work or meet for a conference please call to set up an appointment at dbjorge@bhpsnj.org  or 908-464-1723 ex 5302.
    Grading Policy 
     All students  receive an "S" for satisfactory or "NI" for needs improvement.
     Please look for the behavior comment that may accompany their grade.
    Art Class Expectations 
    1. Enter the classroom quietly.
    2. Listen to and follow directions.
    3.Think of your own ideas. There are no mistakes.
    4. Respect your artwork and that of others. 
    5. Clean up.
    6. Help others.
    7. Have fun and do your best.