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    Hello Columbia Middle School Students, Staff, and Families,


                As a community, we all have the primary goal of having our children achieve high academic levels in a safe and supportive environment. We expect that our students treat every member of our school community with respect. Through the STRIPES program, district curriculum, and character education lessons, we promote respect and tolerance throughout the year at our school. Bullying is not an acceptable behavior at CMS and will be addressed by the school administration. Please visit the links below for information on how to help prevent bullying at our school. Thank you!


    Useful Links:

                   Stop Bullying
                   Kids Against Bullying
                   NJ Bullying
                   Union County Anti-Bullying
                   APA - Parents of Kids Being Bullied
                         Berkeley Heights District HIB Information 
          "Bullying is not okay. Period." - Jim C. Hines