• What do I do if I can't make a meeting?
    Check the calendar to find out what was discussed during that meeting time.  Fill out the "Check In" form.
    If forms are due then you may turn them into Mr. Riley or Mr. Lanni during OP or upload them to Mr. Riley's Dropbox.   All forms may be found on The Future Filmmakers website.  
    I don't have a camera. 
    Mr. Riley has equipment to lend out.  See him regarding details.
    Where can I find information on the Student Participation Fee? 
    Before you begin you will need the 9 digit student # which is located on PowerSchool
    You will need to create an account for Payforit if you have not used it before
    The username and password are not related to PowerSchool 
    Do you have a sample movie I can watch?
    Yes, Go to the My Movie tab to watch how Mr. Riley created his film and his full movie.
    Check out this YouTube channel on making stop motion films 
    I have a Mac, Vista or Windows 7 at home.  Can I still be in film club? 
    Yes, however understand that because you have a different operating system you may not be able to edit your film at home and school.  See Mr. Riley, Mr. Lanni, or Mr. Skara for assistance.
    What is the proper format for my movie? 
    You movie must be saved as a WMV (windows media video) in order for it to play at school.  Many Macs, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, create Quick Time files.  See how to reformat those files below.  If you are using a newer version of Windows Movie Maker or are using a different Windows product to make your film, you must save the movie as a WMV file before working on it at school.
    Save As    Saving
    I used my cellphone, iPhone, iPod, Digital Picture Camera to make a video.  How do I use that footage in my film? 
    That footage will usually be save in "Quick Time" a format that is not compatible with the schools computers.  You will need to complete some extra steps before you can edit your film.
    First upload your footage to your selected drive.  Yes it can be a USB drive.
    Go to ZamZar a file converting service.  (there is a link on Wage's Helpful Pages)
    Select the file to convert.
    Choose WMV as the convert files to choice
    Enter an email address
    Wait for the file to upload.  Most students do this at home as it can take more than 10 min per clip at school.
    Once the file has been converted you will receive an email.  Follow the link and Download the new file.
    Import the new files into MovieMaker 
    Importing Video From Flip Mino HD Camera to Windows Movie 
    Maker on a PC (FlipShare must already be installed)
    1) Turn the Flip mino HD camera off
    2) Plug into the USB port
    3) Install the FlipShare software
    4) Export the videos you want to edit in Windows Movie Maker by:
    a. Select a video
    b. Click on Share > Online > Others
    c. A dialog box called “Upload to Other Websites” appears
    d. Click Others
    e. Name the folder
    f. Click on Go
    g. Wait for the file to render – check the render line bottom left
    h. Browser opens
    i. A dialog box appears in browser that says that the videos are ready to 
    upload in the folder that you created on your computers Desktop
    j. Open up Windows Movie Maker to bring in the file from the folder
    k. In Movie Maker ‐ >File > Import Into Collections
    Note: This process saves the Flip Mino HD video as a wmv file.