• The attached questions should be used by you to create your speech.  Each film will be introduced by the members in that group.  You will prepare a speech that introduces the concept and creative process.  Click on the icon below, when the pop up window opens you will Save to your "H" drive, then "Save"  the script to your "H" drive.  Your speech should be typed and printed.  You will need to practice your speech before your film is added to the festival.
    Your Speech must be completed and ready for approval by Wednesday April 2 When your speech is complete save a copy in your H drive.  Print a copy out with your name and the names of the members of your group, Film name, and grade.  Your speech is complete when you have turned in a saved movie file, printed the speech, and practiced it during a club meeting.
    During the festival a copy of your speech will be provided for you.