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  •       Procedures

    The following guidelines are intended to help committee chairpersons conduct their work and keep the PTO running smoothly. If you have any questions, please contact the PTO president.

    Preparing and Distributing PTO Flyers

    • Send all flyers to the school principal and to the PTO president for approval before distribution. Approved flyers will be stamped; unapproved flyers will not be distributed.

    • Once approved, flyers can be sent to parents on paper via the students’ backpacks or electronically via the PTO e-mail distribution list. It is a goal of the PTO to drastically reduce our consumption of paper, so please utilize the e-mail option as much as possible.

    • Make copies in the Hughes copy room, logging in with the PTO copier code. Check with the school secretary on the number of students and please include a copy for each teacher.

    • To use the PTO email distribution, send your flyer to the PTO president. The president will distribute your message to the distribution list for Hughes families from the Hughes PTO email account. You can also send reminder notices or related announcements in the same way. Be sure to include the exact wording of your announcement and any relevant attachments.

    • PTO event flyers and announcements will also be posted on the Hughes PTO website. If you have corrections or updates for the website, contact our webmaster

    • To collect forms/money for your committee, place a large envelope in the wall organizer across from the mailboxes in the school office. Be sure to mark the envelope with the name of your event and check it periodically for responses.

    Booking and Publicizing Events

    • All contracts for PTO-related business must be signed by the PTO president.

    • You can also publicize your event through the Publicity Committee. Contact the chairpersons well in advance of your event to request their help.

    • When hiring performers for Cultural Arts and In-Class Professional programs or for social events on-site at Hughes School, you must complete a programming information sheet and obtain a copy of the performer's certificate of liability insurance (or statement of non-insurance on letterhead). These forms must be filed with the PTO treasurer (provide 2 copies, please). Complete instructions are on the Forms page.

    Purchasing and Record keeping

    • As a charitable/non-profit organization, the Hughes School PTO is exempt from sales tax. When making purchases on behalf of the PTO, please inform the merchant of our tax-exempt status and present a copy of our tax-exempt letter from the State of New Jersey. The tax-exempt letter is available in the school office in the PTO files; it can be photocopied for your use. The vendor will want to keep this copy at the time of purchase. Some vendors like Derco have our tax-exempt letter on file, but you must remind them that you are making a PTO tax-exempt purchase. Contact our PTO treasurer with any questions.

    • Save all receipts for purchases you make on behalf of the PTO. Click here to download expense reimbursement and other PTO treasury forms. You can also pick up blank forms in the school office.

    • Please keep copies of any relevant paperwork, flyers, contact info, etc., which can be given to the next year’s chairpersons.

    • When your work is done, please fill out a Committee Transition Form and turn it in to the PTO mailbox located in the Main Office. If you are not continuing in your current role, please also hand in your committee folder. The form and folder are due in May or early June.



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