• Monday: Art
    Your child should keep their smock in a baggie labeled with their name. The baggie and smock should be kept in their backpack for Art class or messy classroom projects.
    Tuesday:  Phys. Ed.
    Your child shoud wear or bring their sneakers to school every day so they can participate in physical activities and recess safely.
    Wednesday: Library
    Your child should bring the books they checked out the previous week. Library books should be kept in the large plastic bag provided to ensure they are protected from water damage.
    Your child may purchase ice cream on Wednesdays.
    The cost is $1.00. Send cash in a separate envelope or baggie marked with your child's name and the message "ice cream" written on it.Your child may not borrow money or use their lunch swipe card to purchase a treat.
    Thursday:Phys. Ed.
     Friday: Music
     Phys. Ed. Fun