• Course Goals 

    To create a positive learning environment which will allow all students to achieve and expand their maximum potential in the Algebra 2/Math Analysis curriculum(s). Additionally we will incorporate SAT preparation into the Algebra 2 curriculum.


    • Come to class with a positive attitude, pay attention and participate in class.
    • Be on time and prepared (charged iPad, notebook, homework, pencil).
    • Upon arrival check posted Homework answers and begin working on the ‘do now or SAT POTD’ task on the board.
    • Consider any questions you have, raise your hand and wait your turn to be called on.
    • Please check class calendar for missed assignments (all work must be made up in a period of time equal to the length of absence).
    • Use pencils only for math work (-2 points if pen is used on a quiz or test).

    Extra Help

    • Seek extra help when needed.  I am usually available during non duty lunch periods (free days 1,2 and 3) or before school (I am available almost every day from 7:15-7:45, in room 7).  Please make an appointment to be sure of my availability.
    • For after school help please see me and make an appointment.

    Class Notes 

    • All notes projected on overhead are available for download (.pdf file) or viewing in the Google Drive folder shared with all students.  Students can access this folder via Google Classroom or directly through Google Drive via the 'shared with me' folder.


    • Treat your classmates and teacher with respect at all times.
    • If you arrive late (2 minutes extra is granted before you are considered late) and do not have a pass, you will be marked late (3 lates = 1 hour detention).
    • If you need a drink or to use the restroom please do so before arriving to class (you will not be allowed to leave the class during the first 10-20 minutes unless it’s an emergency). 
    • Raise your hand when you have any questions or answers (please do not call out).
    • Remain seated unless you have permission to do otherwise.
    • Violation of class rules will result in a warning and if this is not heeded you will receive a 1 hour detention.  Detention means you will lose the right to have your lowest quiz grade dropped this marking period.  No warnings will be issued for more severe violations (cursing, bullying…etc).
    • I dismiss the class not the clock, please do not start packing up when I am teaching.
    • Mid-period breaks will be allowed at my discretion dependent on class behavior.


    • Each marking period grade is computed on a total points system.  It is computed by dividing the total points earned on tests, quizzes, homework and class participation by the total number of possible points available to be earned. 
    • Quizzes will be given for each 3-4 sections of each chapter (most quizzes count half as much as a test).  At the end of each Marking Period your lowest quiz grade will be dropped (non-Honors classes only) if you did not receive a detention during the Marking Period.
    • Tests are given at the end of each chapter.
    • Homework and class work will be assigned and contribute to your grade.  You will receive homework and class participation grades at the end of each Marking Period.  Homework will not be accepted late without a valid excuse and you will not receive credit for your homework unless you show your work!
    • Effort and positive contributions to the classroom learning environment are incorporated into your grade via the class participation component.