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    A veteran teacher, this is my sixteenth year at Governor Livingston High School! I graduated with my Fine Arts Education degree from William Paterson University, then continued my scope of art experiences at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, and, after teaching for eight years, opened my own ceramics studio called "The Clay Underground". I resumed teaching after raising three boys and continued my education at Kean University completing courses of study in Holocaust Studies and Teaching Tolerance. I am proud to have completed my Masters in Technology at Ramapo College at age...well, more recently.

    "I love teaching."

    Kathleen Mccullough


    Foundations Art Studio semester elective is the prerequisite course for the Governor Livingston High School Art Department, earning a 2.50 course credit.  This year Foundations classes can look forward to working in a wide range of wonderful and exotic materials and mediums, such as Silk Paints, Terracotta Clay, and a wide variety of hands-on drawing materials. Foundations is a 'Studio' course which allows students to access their own materials and tools as their creativity requires. Students are expected to work collaboratively by supporting a respectful environment for other emerging artists. No matter what art skills you've always wanted to master, you will definitely have

    Project Connect Art is a Freshman Art requirement that fast tracks students through the foundations of art as a comprehensive course. This quartercourse seeks to support and connect the learning across the curriculum. A teacher-team guided curriculum of student driven collaborative projects and experiences, it links history with unique art experiences designed to make connections to core courses. 
    Design and Materials formerly listed as Crafts Design, this elective moves the student artist into the world of three dimensional design in a series of exploration projects using clay, wood, fabric, and found materials. Projects based on art history and world cultures may include Painting, Collage, Fabric Decoration, Clay Coiling, and Copper Repousse'. Students are encouraged to express ideas and concepts through the a variety of mediums, thus developing their artmaking skills.
    Ceramics and 3-Dimensional Forms is a semester course geared for the student whose desire is to focus on ceramics. Students will develop skills to allow their designs on paper to come to life in three dimensional form! Student work will explore a wide range of hand-building techniques including clay coiling, molding, additive and subtractive sculpture and slab building. In addition , students will be introduced to the excitment of the Potter's Wheel, Glazing and specialty techniques such as Mishima!
    This year students are invited to participate in our Ninth Annual Empty Bowls at GLHS, a school event aligned with a nation wide effort to feed the hungry. Our class fundraiser will feature student handmade pottery bowls and raise awareness of food insecurity by raising money for the Community Food Bank.. This will be an exciting year!
    Looking forward to September!