Chemistry Concepts 

    Textbook: Chemistry

    Publisher: Holt

    Materials required for class:

    1. Composition notebook- the pages do not fall out! To be used throughout the year. 

    2. 3-ring binder that is to be used solely for chemistry. To hold and organize chemistry graphic organizers and handouts.

    3. TI-30 calculator (can be purchased for $8.88 at Walmart) or better TI  scientific calculator. We will be doing math calculations that require calculators and all students will need to be proficient in their use. Students will receive  instruction in the use of TI calculators.


    Chemistry Concepts is a traditional chemistry class. The year starts off with a look at the nature of chemistry and chemicals. Students discover that everything in the world including each of them is made of chemicals. We will tackle dimensional analysis and metric conversions.  From there we investigate the properties of matter both physical and chemical. We will delve into the world of atoms and look at how atomic structure influences properties of elements. Along the journey students will consider how attractive forces hold the Universe together and create all the substances that exist. Additionally students will determine trends of the periodic table and how electron configuration influences which elements react. We will examine the Laws of Conservation of energy and matter and practice balancing equations. Toward the end of the year, Students will encounter acids and bases, their uses and properties. Students will then delve into the topic of gas behavior and make use of the Gas Laws to determine quantitative outcomes. Just in time for summer, we will look at electromagnetic radiation, its use, energy, and effects on humans and the environment.

     Throughout the year students will investigate the world of chemistry with many lab and hands-on activities. Projects will be assigned to introduce ancillary information.

     The above is meant as an overview of the topics we will investigate this year. It is not necessarily a complete list, but rather to serve as a guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire.