Mr. Halleran

    E-MAIL – whalleran@bhpsnj.org          PHONE – 908-464-3100  Ext 2369



    • Separate notebook just for Math:
    • Covered textbook (if applicable)
    • iPad w/keyboard - charged and fully functional
    • Account set up in Google Classroom as soon as possible
    • Accounts to be set up in Mathspace, Classkick and Khan Academy as needed
    • Calculator (scientific type – usually under $20)
    • We will use graphing calculators in class (you don’t need to purchase one for this class)



    • ALWAYS come to class prepared with your notebook and completed homework. Being unprepared for class will affect your homework / participation grade.
    • TEXTBOOK (hard copy) not required unless I request it.
    • ALWAYS bring your charged iPad w/keyboard.
    • ALWAYS be on time (or subject to teacher detention).
    • ALWAYS by the starting bell, be seated, take out your homework and begin work on: the “Do Now” problem or worksheet or checking your homework against displayed answers.
    • ALWAYS remain seated until dismissal (don’t line up by the door).
      • One person speaks at a time.
      • An honest question is never a dumb question.
      • DON’T use foul language.
    • ALWAYS show your work on classwork, homework, quizzes and tests – in order to receive full credit (No work, No credit).
    • ALWAYS do your HOMEWORK – it will be checked frequently.



    • Record date, textbook section and objective to be learned.
    • Write down important vocabulary and concepts.
    • Write down example problems and worked out solutions.
    • Write down homework assignments.
    • Begin each homework assignment on a fresh sheet of paper in case I collect it.
    • As you check the homework answers the next day, make corrections on your homework.




    • Fill out the electronic pass on your iPad or cell phone.
    • Hall passes are limited to 2 per week.
    • For paper passes to the nurse’s office, have the nurse sign the pass also.
    • “Late-to-School” passes are subject to GL policy.





    Homework / Participation (this grade is entered twice each marking period:  at the midpoint and at the end)

    Everyone starts out with 100% A+ each half marking period – it’s up to you to maintain it (see below)

    Collected & Graded Homework

    Up to 5 points each

    Collected & Graded Classwork (including Do Nows)

    Up to 10 points each

    Mathspace, Classkick, Khan, etc. Assignments

    Variable points


    Approximately 30 to 70 points each


    Approximately 30 to 70 points each


    Approximately 50 to 100 points each


         Grade is based on                Earned Points

                                                  Total Possible Points


    All exams (quizzes & tests) will be cumulative – covering prior material throughout the year.


    I round marking period grades to the whole %.




    • Examples of how you can lose points:
      • -2 each time you don’t have homework or if I find out your homework was copied
      • -1 each time your homework is incomplete or work is not shown
      • -1 each time you are unprepared for class
      • -1 each time you don’t put sufficient effort into classwork
      • -1 minimum each time behavior is not appropriate (talking, disruptive behavior, etc.)
    • Examples of how you can gain points:
      • +1 for each late homework
      • Making a significant contribution to class discussion / problem solving (variable points)
      • Working on problems at the board (variable points)
      • Correcting a math mistake I make (variable points)
      • Extra credit problems (variable points)



    • Homework assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.
    • Be sure to find out and complete the missed homework assignments.
    • Copy class notes from a friend as soon as possible.
    • Depending on the length of your absence, homework, quizzes or tests should be made-up ASAP. Make-up deadline for exams will be set and points taken off for each day not finished.



    Ask first to be sure I’m available.

    I am free at lunch on Day 1 and Day 4 of the rotation

    I am usually available before and after school

    • Please let me know ahead of time if you are coming.
    • If you’re confused, tell me. I cannot help you if I don’t know what’s confusing you.



    It is expected that students will treat Remote Learning with the same attitude and seriousness as they would In Person Learning.  Consequently, GL has developed these requirements: 

    • All students must attend class seated at a school appropriate  workspace, dressed in appropriate school attire, and be prepared to actively participate in class. Please have your camera on.
    • If a student must shut their camera off, or be away from the keyboard, they must note that they are leaving in the classroom discussion box.  Students will have five minutes from the time stamp on this log to attend to personal matters during class time.  
    • If a student is not visible on camera, and the instructor calls on them, and they are not noted in the classroom log, or if it is past five minutes in the classroom log, the student is absent from class and will not receive credit for the period. 
    • Students not logged into class within the first five minutes are late.
    • Students experiencing technical difficulties must email their instructor immediately.  
    • Students experiencing more serious technical difficulties must email the tech dojo and CC their instructor and the Attendance Office.