Grading Policy 

    • Grades will be based on rehearsal technique, home practice, playing quizzes, improvement and attendance at lessons and performances.
    • All playing quizzes can be retaken at lunch if a student is unhappy with their grade.
    • Grade Categories in PowerSchool: Lessons, Class Participation, Playing Quiz, Concert
    • Winter Concert will now make up most of your second marking period grade
    • Final Exam: 70% Concert preparedness and performance, 30% Scale and/or written test

    *Please Note: Attendance at the concert is mandatory.  If a student is too ill to come, I must receive an email from a parent/guardian by 6:30PM the night of the concert.


    Student Expectations

    • Practice all music and scales at home when needed
    • Attend lessons regularly and be on time and prepared for all rehearsals
    • 2 unexcused late to block G class and you will have to make up the warm-up at lunch
    • Attend any extra rehearsals, performing field trips and all concerts
    • Play with proper technique and good posture
    • Work together as a team, be positive and always try to improve



    • Small group lessons will be a pull-out of class rotation through every period and/or at lunch.
    • Students can miss two lessons per marking period. Their third absence must be made up during lunch. (Private lessons-only exception)
    • Private lessons outside of school are the best way to improve!


    Home Practice

    • Please practice any bow technique, scales and vibrato basics taught during class.
    • Concert music and any other additional lesson material should be practiced as needed.


    Orchestra Website and Google Classroom

    • The lesson schedule, syllabus, playing quiz material, concert dates and any other important information will be posted in google classroom for students. Code: bckmk1
    • Connolly’s Website on school wires will also have the concert dates.