• Department Syllabus - SAT/ACT Verbal Review


    The goal of the SAT/ACT Verbal Review is to prepare students to perform well on the reading and writing portion of the SAT/ACT. All materials will continue to be updated and new test-taking procedures will continue to be practiced. The course will stay aligned with the most recent College Board/ACT recommendations and test prep materials, allowing the students to perform at the highest level. The SAT/ACT is ever changing, and the vision of this course is to keep pace with these changes and to provide students with the most recent and relevant test-taking techniques.



    Kaplan SAT/ACT Prep

    Khan SAT 

    Upfront Magazine


    Course Outline:

    Analyzing comprehensive reading passages

    Practicing the elimination of answers

    Recognizing the time constraints of the test

    Practicing time management

    Understanding the use of vocabulary in context

    Editing and revising grammar

    Writing essays


    Grading Policy:

    Grades are based on class participation and satisfactory completion of class assignments, sample tests, and practice essays. Grades will be posted on Powerschool.

    Teacher is available for extra help by appointment.



    In the case of an excused absence, students are responsible for making up missed assignments. Assignments will be posted on Google classroom.


    Cheating or Plagiarism Policy

    Cheating or plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment. Instances of  plagiarism will be reported to the assistant principal.



    Eating and cell phone use are not allowed in class.

    Students are expected to be respectful to their classmates and teacher.

    iPad use is restricted to class assignments. Students must bring their charged iPads and a pen to class.

    Students are expected to participate in class discussions and complete daily assignments.

    Students are expected to practice test-taking skills learned in class.