• Columbia Middle School

    Sixth Grade Math 2022-2023 Syllabus


  • Mrs. Elizabeth Kane


    Welcome Columbia Tiger! 


         I look forward to getting to know each of you and seeing you grow throughout the year, and hope you are ready for a great year of learning math.  Throughout the year we will be exploring mathematics in a variety of ways, such as exploration/discovery, hands-on activities, and enrichment journals.  

         This class will be a demanding one. It requires hard work, organization, and self-discipline.  Therefore, commitment, effort, and participation are all essential to your success.  I welcome the chance to help each of you individually and assure you that the time and effort you put forth will greatly improve your learning experience.  

         I look forward to a challenging, exciting and rewarding year with you all.

  • Math6 GOALS

    • Use a variety of techniques to problem solve.  

    • Use higher level thinking skills to look at problems in a variety of ways.

    • Work in collaborative groups to solve problems and explore other’s ideas.


    • Illustrative Mathematics 

    • Google Classroom

    • Mathspace (online program)

    • Desmos

    • Delta Math


    • Three-ring binder (binder can be shared with other subjects)

    • Pencils

    • 4 function calculator

    • Chromebook (needed every day) 

    • earbuds/headphones 

    • A notebook/planner to record homework



    Throughout each marking period, we use a variety of assessment tools to measure student achievement.  Formative assessments may include classwork, creating models, Mathspace work, homework, and participation in discussions.  Summative assessments may include quizzes, tests, Mathspace tasks, journal entries and projects.

    • Tests – weighted 2x.  You will be notified at least 3 days in advance. 

    • Quizzes – weighted 1x.   You will be notified at least 2 days in advance.    

    It is important that students learn and are able to apply the concepts over time therefore all assessments (Tests/Quizzes) will include material from previous topics.  

    • Homework/Class Preparedness – weighted 1x

    • Mathspace – weighted 1x

    • Projects/Journal – weighted .5x or 1x


    • Homework

    Math homework will be assigned 3 to 4 times per week.  Homework assignments will be worth five points, and will be graded for completion.  In order to earn full credit on homework, students must show all written work that accompanies the homework problems.  Assignments may be randomly collected and graded for accuracy.  If you fail to turn homework in on time it will be counted as a zero (the same applies if absent work is turned in late).

    • Mathspace

    Mathspace is an online resource/textbook in which students complete subject missions independently throughout the year.  Mathspace tasks will be assigned with each unit of study, and must be completed by given due dates.  

    • Projects/Journal Questions

    Students will reflect and think about their mathematical thinking throughout the year.  These reflections/journals will be graded on completion.


    •  We recommend that students have an AM and a PM binder.  Within the binders, you will need a section dedicated just for math.  Here you will need to keep track of our classroom notes with examples of problems, math vocabulary definitions, and graded assignments.  These papers, along with your math workbook, will be key tools for studying for quizzes and tests, so it is important for the binder to stay organized and brought to class each day.  Keep a good supply of notebook paper in the binder at all times!


    • When students are absent, they are responsible for checking in with their teachers to get work that was missed.  Google Classroom is a good place to start to see what assignments are due, but your teacher may have additional information and assignments to share.  Students will have an amount of time equal to the number of days absent to complete make-up work.  Be sure to follow up with your teachers and hand in late assignments!   

    • Students missing class for a music lesson:  See your teacher BEFORE going to your lesson for attendance purposes and to get any classwork.  You are responsible for completing all of the work that you missed in class that day before the next class.


    • The classroom rules will follow the school’s code of conduct, found in your student handbook.  Be sure to read the student handbook and be familiar with it.  Students will work together daily in this math class.  It is expected that all students show respect for one another’s ideas and work together to solve problems.


    • Students experiencing technical difficulties with their Chromebooks must fill out a tech ticket.  If your tech issue impacts your ability to complete math work, please be sure to email me as well.