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    The Role of a Student Assistance Counselor

    • The Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) is a Master's level counselor who provides support to students in a confidential space. The SAC is available for students at all grade levels who are experiencing difficulty in a number of areas including:

      • Alcohol and drug use 
      • Interpersonal issues 
      • Grief and loss
      • Family crises 
      • Stress and anxiety 
      • Feelings of sadness or lonlieness
      • Poor self-esteem 
      • Sexual orientation and gender identity 

      Students can be referred to the Student Assistance Counselor through friends, family, school staff, as well as self-referral. All referrals are kept confidential.

      The SAC's office is located in the counseling suite or can be reached by phone (908-464-3100 ext. 2713) or email (mrowohlt@bhpsnj.org). 


      Berkeley Heights Public Schools Drug & Alcohol Policy