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    In social studies this year, we will be using a fantastic program from TCI called Social Studies Alive!


    The New Jersey social studies standards for fifth grade focus on the study of America's past.  We will be examining the history of America from the arrival of early people in the Americas through the establishment of our republic after the Revolutionary War.  We will analyze how geography and economics have affected our history as well, and we will be studying the formation and structure of our government (civics).  We will also do a unit on the Holocaust towards the end of the school year.


    Students can access online 1) their journals for each unit and 2) accompanying activities.  They will also have hard copies of the journals.


    Here is the link to the online materials:


    sign-in to social studies online materials


    To sign in, students will need to enter my user name, saravay, their school email addresses and their lunch codes as passwords.  They can also sign in through Google Classroom.