Welcome Choir Students!

  • The Choir is open for any students to join in grades 3 through 5.


    - Rehearsals will be held on A and B days before school at 7:50 am.

    Below you will find the rotation schedule of every day of the school year with all of the A and B-Days.

    Rotation Schedule 2022-2023


    - Each rehearsal will be 35 min and students will be dismissed to go to their classrooms to start their day.


    - Students are to buzz at the front door of the building and make their way to the Gym/Cafeteria.

    - Please join the TPH Choir Class Dojo for additional information and news!  


    As of right now, we have two concerts scheduled!!

    • 1/11 - Winter Concert 

    • 6/7 - Spring Concert


    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!


    Joseph Laurino Jr.

    Music Teacher  

    Thomas P. Hughes Elementary School