• Hello,

    I'm John Crouch and I teach Forensic Science and Physics here at Governor Livingston High School! I'm a huge sports fan (Chicago sports teams and Wisconsin Badgers basketball and football) and I also love board games, puzzles, and escape rooms. I previously taught in a private high school in Chicago and at Ramapo High School in Bergen County, primarily physics (all levels) and engineering courses. 

    My email is jcrouch@bhpsnj.org, and I usually respond pretty quickly to emails during school hours. Outside of school hours, I will do my best to respond by my first available break during the following school day or sooner if possible. 

    Google Classroom Codes:

    Physics Reguler (B): hhihzrh

    Forensic Science Semester 1 (D): j5jngvj 

    Forensic Science Semester 2 (D): uorqbwi 

    Physics Regular (E): isxbbi7

    Physics Regular (G): jtwh2fk