• Welcome to the Mountain Park Virtual Art Gallery

    We will be featuring works of art created in 2nd-5th Grade classes. These masterpieces have been created by "zoomer" and "roomer" artists during our Hybrid Learning Experiences.

    Art Studio Lesson Highlights & Artwork Spotlights


    MPS Strong

    Dino Art

    Fancy Cactus

    Toy Story Alien

    Funky Alien

    Painting #1 Primary Colors

    Cactus & Hats

    5th Grade artists learned about the art of Faith Ringgold and created "quilt squares" focusing on radial symmetry.

    Ringgold Lesson

    Ringgold 1

    Ringgold 2

    Ringgold 3

    Ringgold 4

    Ringgold Collage 1


    4th Graders learned about impressionism. Using oil pastels and various media they created imaginative landscapes after being inspired by Monet's works.

    Impressionism lesson

    impressionism 1

    impressionism 2

    impressionism 3

    impressionism 5

    impressionism collage 1


    3rd Graders viewed "The Scream" by Edvard Munch and created their own interpretations. Have you ever wondered why the subject is screaming? Here are some reasons courtesy of 3rd grade!

    The Scream Lesson

    Scream 1

    Scream 2

    Scream 3

    Scream 4

    Scream 5

    Scream 6


    2nd Grade studied the art of Paul Klee and designed their own cityscapes. Using a resist technique students used oil pastels, crayons, and watercoloe to add color. Rulers and measuring were also important to create their compositions.

    Klee Cityscape

    PK City 1

    PK City 2

    PK City 3

    PK City 4

    Klee City Collage


    5th Grade artists learned about the art of Georges Seurat and pointilism. Using dots or text, students composed intricate compositions.

    Seurat Lesson Plan

    Seurat Art #1

    Seurat Art #2

    Seurat Art #3

    Seurat Art #4

    Seurat Art #5

    Seurat Art #5

    Seurat Art #6

    Seurat Art #8

    Seurat Art #9

    Seurat Art #10  

    Seurat Collage 1

    Seurat Collage 2


    4th Graders created their own interpretations of Japanese wood-block print artist, Hokusai, and his "Great Wave" depiction from his series "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji". The artists focused on shading and blending skills, calling upon their previously learned techniques.

    The Great Wave Lesson

    Wave 1

    Wave 2

    Wave 3

    Wave 4

    Wave 5

    Wave 6

    Wave 7

    Wave 8

    Wave 9

    Wave 10

    Wave Collage 1

    Wave Collage 2


    3rd Grade artists learned about the impressionists and their style. Focusing on light and soft colors, artists used a combination of oil pastels and watercolor paint to create landscape images inspired by Monet. "Wet-on-wet" watercolor techniques were used to further enhance upon their impressionist styles.

    Monet Lesson Plan

    Monet 1

    Monet 2

    Monet 3

    Monet 4

    Monet 5

    Monet 6

    Monet 7

    Monet 8

    Monet 9

    Monet 10


    2nd Graders focused on color. Inspired by the bright colors of Paul Gauguin and time in Tahiti, students created island landscape paintings.

    Gauguin Lesson

    Island 1

    Island 2

    Island 3

    Island 4

    Island 5

    Island 6

    Island 7

    Island 8

    Island 9

    Island 10

    Island Collage 1

    Island Collage 2


    5th Grade artists used their chalk pastels and blending techniques to create BEAUTIFUL winter landscapes featuring the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

    Northern Lights Project

    Northern Lights 1

    Night Sky by Leah

    Night Sky 2

    Night Sky 3

    Night Sky #4

    Night Sky Collage

    Gui's Landscape

    Anthony's Landscape

    Night Sky Masterpiece!


    4th Grade Artists were inspired to create watercolor landscapes, focusing on scale and perspective.

    4th Grade Watercolor Landscape Art Project

    Sydney's Watercolor Landscape

    Watercolor Landscapes x2

    Mountains #1

    Mountain Watercolor Landscape #1

    4 Seasons Landscape

    Landscape Collage (Watercolor) 1

    Winter Watercolor Landscape

    Watercolor Landscape Collage 2

    Mountains #4 by Jack

    Watercolor Landscape with Mountains

    Mountains #3


    3rd Graders created figures inspired by the art of Keith Haring. Haring is known for his use of symbolism, figures, and subway graffiti chalk drawings. Students focused on positive and negative space to create unique compositions.

    Haring Project

    KH Art 1

    KH #2

    KH #3

    KH #7

    KH Art #4

    KH #5

    KH #10

    KH #9

    KH #6

    KH #13

    KH 12

    KH #11


    2nd Graders explored the art style of Jean-Michel Basquiat. By using lines and color in experiemental ways students were able to create expressive portraits.

    Basquiat Lesson

    Basquiat Art #1

    Basquiat Art #2

    Basquiat Art #3

    Basquiat Art #4

    Basquiat Art #5  

    Basquiat Art #6

    Basquiat Art #7

    Basquiat Art #7

    Basquiat Art #8

    Basquiat Art #9

    Basquiat Art #11

    Basquiat Art #12


    5th Grade artists learned about the Op Art movement. Op art, short for optical art, is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. Op art works are abstract, with many better known pieces created in black and white.

    Op Art Lesson

    Op Artwork

    OP Artist Superstars 1

    Op Art Artwork #1

    Op Art Masterpieces 1

    Op Art Artwork #2

    Op Art Masterpieces 2

    Op Art Collage


    4th Graders created works of art inspired by Gustav Klimt's "Tree of Life". Painted in 1909, Klimt's "Tree of Life" painting is one of the most repoduced oil paintings in modern day. Don't be surprised if you see a reproduction in a shop (OR art class) near you.

    Tree of Life by Klimt

    "Tree of Life" by Klimt

    Klimt Lesson

    Art Inspired by Klimt

    Klimt Tree (Painted)

    Colored Pencil Klimt Tree

    Klimt Collage

    Oil Pastel Klimt Tree

    Dragon Tree

    Klimt Collage 4

    Klimt Collage 2

    Klimt Collage #3

    Klimt Artist Spotlight #1

    Klimt Artist Spotlight #2

    Klimt Artist Spotlight 3

    Klimt Artist Spotlight 4


    2nd Grade artists created unique self portraits with a bit of a "twist". Focusing on our facial features students drew versions of their faces wearing a mask and "maskless". Artists also thought of words that describe them to include in their final pieces.

    Self Portrait Lesson  

    Self Portrait 1

    Self Portrait 5

    Self Portrait 2

    Harper Mask


    No Mask! :)

    Naomi Mask Portrait

    Self Portrait 3

    Self Portrait 6

    Anlan Mask Portrait

    Self Portrait 4

    Mask Portrait 2!

    Mask Portrait Masterpiece

    Parker's Mask Portrait

    Mask Masterpiece Take 2

    Colorful Mask Masterpiece

    Self Portrait 7

    Artist Portrait Spotlight 1

    Mask Portrait!

    Artist Portrait Spotlight #2

    Sebastian's Portrait


    5th Graders created works of art inspired by the Pop Art Movement, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein.

    Pop Art & Onomatopoeia

    Pop Art 1

    Pop Art 2

    Pop Art 3


    4th Graders created macro-drawings of natural elements such as flowers, skulls, and plants. Students learned about Georgia O'Keeffe prior to beginning their lesson.

    O'Keeffe Lesson

    Cow Skull Artwork

    O'Keeffe Art 1

    O'Keeffe Art 2

    O'Keeffe Art 3


    3rd Graders created paper cut-out collages after being introduced to the works of Henri Matisse. 

    Matisse Lesson Plan

    Collage Design 1

    Sea Life Collage

    Collage Design #2

    Collage Design #3

    Matisse Collages 1


    2nd Graders created warm and cool color wheels while they learned about cubism and Pablo Picasso.

    Picasso Lesson Plan

    Color Wheel 1

    Color Wheel 2


    For this project students referred to "The Cats of Ulthar", a short fictional story by writer H.P. Lovecraft. They then created their own Egyptian Cat God/Goddess!

    The Cats of Ulthar Lesson Plan

    Cat Art 1

    Cat Art 2

    Cat Art 3

    Cat Art 4

    Cat Art 5


    4th Grade artists explored the works of Surrealists and created their own “cadavre exquis” (exquisite corpse) based off of an old parlor game played by artists in the 1920s. Students spun a virtual wheel which landed on various topics/items that they used to form their unique creations.

    Surrealism Lesson Plan

    Surrealism Creature

    Surreal 1

    Surreal 2

    Surreal 3


    3rd Graders are exploring Mexican culture by creating their own Sugar Skulls, inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and Dia de los Muertos.

    Sugar Skulls 1

    Sugar Skulls 2


    2nd Graders learned about contemporary art and form by looking at the works of Yayoi Kusama and creating depictions of pumpkins.

    Kusama Lesson Plan

    Kusama Pumpkin Art

    Pumpkin Art 1

    Pumpkin Art 2


    The following works of art were created by MKM and Mountain Park Artists during afternoon art enrichment. Art Enrichment takes place on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday.

    Dragon Eye

    100 Day of School

    Britto Horse



    Bruni 2

    Koons Balloon Dog "Shine"

    Koons Balloon Dog 1

    Birds enjoying brunch

    Koons Balloon Dog 2


    Dragon sketch

    Ellie's Sunset

    Winter Blue Bird

    Winter Townhouse 2

    Winter Townhouse 1

    Kate's Colorful Person

    Christmas Yoda

    Lu Lu & Her Art

    Mason's Cardinal


    Cat and Snow Cat

    Polar Bear Art

    Cardinal Art

    Grinch Day

    Funky Snow Cat

    Penguin Art

    Snow Cat Family

    Mason's Gingerbread Man

    Helen's Gingerbread Gal

    Jedi Gingerbread Man


    Pink Panther 1

    Pink Panther 2

    Marvel Heroes

    Kiwi & Coco

    Owl Art

    Baby Yoda 1

    Baby Yoda 2

    Halloween/Fall Art

    Cat Art

    Digital Art

    Voting Day Artwork


    More Pies!

    Pie Art

    Sweet Treats

    Among Us Collage

    Art is "Among Us"