• Welcome to the Mary Kay McMillin E.C.C. Virtual Art Gallery

    We will be featuring works of art created in K-1st Grade classes. These masterpieces have been created by "zoomer" and "roomer" artists during our Hybrid Learning Experiences.

    Art Studio Lesson Highlights & Artwork Spotlights


    PISA PERFECT: Art of Italy

    Art of Italy: Pisa


    The Art of Ancient Egypt

    AE Art 1

    AE Art 2

    AE Art 3

    AE Art 4


    Kindergarten & 1st Grade Animal Eyes

    "Eye See You"

    Animal Eyes 1

    Animal Eyes 2

    Animal Eyes 3


    Kindergarten & 1st Grade Self Portraits: "What makes you happy?"

    Selfies #1

    Selfies #2

    Selfies #3



    Cat Heart Art

    Susanna Art  

    Basquiat inspired artwork

    Basquiat 3

    Basquiat Art 1

    Basquiat Art 2

    Donut Fun

    May The Force be with you!

    The Art of Make-Up

    Policeman Artwork

    1st Grade artists became familiar with abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and focused on his use of CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (circles that look like a "bulls-eye")

    Kandinsky Inspired Garden

    WK Art #1

    Kandinsky garden 1

    Kandinsky garden 2

    WK Art #2

    WK Art #3

    WK Art #4

    Kandinsky garden 3

    Kandinsky garden 4

    Kandinsky garden 5

    Kandinsky garden 6

    WK Art #5

    Kandinsky garden 7

    WK Art #7

    Kandinsky garden final

    Kindergarten Artists learned about ABSTRACT art and the works of Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock

    Exploring Composition

    Action Jackson!

    Layla's Abstract Art

    Abstract Art Masterpiece

    1st Graders were inspired by the "king of sweets and desserts", Wayne Thiebaud.

    Sweet Treats With Wayne

    Three Cupcakes in a Row

    Sweet Treats 2

    Sweet Art 1

    Sweet Art 3


    Will's Bakery

    Cupcake Twins

    Cupcake Artist #1

    Cupcake Artist #2

    Cupcake Artist #3

    1st Graders made Pop Art flowers inspired by the works of Andy Warhol.

    Pop Art Flower Lesson

    Andy Warhol Flowers

    "Flowers" By Andy Warhol

    Pop Art Flower Collage

    Sienna's Pop Art Garden

    Warhol Flower Art by Grace

    Warhol Flower Collage #2

    A. Warhol Flower Artwork by August

    Thomas' Warhol Garden

    Rory's Warhol Art

    Andy Warhol Flower Garden

    Warhol Artist 1

    Warhol Artist 2

    A Warhol Work of Art (Flowers)

    Lena's Pop Art Masterpiece!

    Artists at work (Warhol Pop Art Flowers)


    Kindergarten Artists looked at the works of glass artist Dale Chihuly and made 3-D paper sculptures focusing on the art element: FORM

    Paper Sculpture Lesson

    Paper Collage 3-D

    Paper collage 1



    Winter Spotlight

    Gingerbread House

    Turkey Art


    Eagle Art  

    Turkey by Siena


    1st Graders created works of art inspired by the artist Paul Klee.

    Paul Klee Shape Cats

    Klee Collage


    Kindergarten artists created paper collages using primary colors just like Piet Mondrian!

    Primary Color Project

    Primary Color Paper Collages


    1st Grade artists created Pop Art Pumpkins after learning about Brazilian artist Romero Britto.

    Romero Britto Project

    Britto Collage


    Kindergarten artists created a patterned leaf after learning about Henri Matisse and the "FAUVES".

    Matisse Leaves

    Matisse Art


    Kindergarten artists created a fall scarecrow.



    1st Grade artists created chalk landscape drawings after learning about the works of Vincent Van Gogh! Students paracticed their drawing and blending skills.

    Van Gogh Landscapes

    Van Gogh Chalk Landscape

    Van Gogh Masterpiece (Wheatfield)

    Grace's Landscape

    Van Gogh Landscape 2

    Van Gogh Collage

    Landscape Artwork #1

    Landscape Artist 1

    Landscape Artist 2


    The following works of art were created by MKM and Mountain Park Artists during afternoon art enrichment. Art Enrichment takes place on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday.


    Bruni 2

    Koons Balloon Dog "Shine"

    Koons Balloon Dog 1

    Birds enjoying brunch

    Koons Balloon Dog 2


    Dragon sketch

    Ellie's Sunset

    Winter Blue Bird

    Winter Townhouse 2

    Winter Townhouse 1

    Kate's Colorful Person

    Christmas Yoda

    Lu Lu & Her Art

    Mason's Cardinal


    Cat and Snow Cat

    Polar Bear Art

    Cardinal Art

    Grinch Day

    Funky Snow Cat

    Penguin Art

    Snow Cat Family


    Cat Collage #1

    Christmas Cat

    Mason's Gingerbread Man

    Helen's Gingerbread Gal

    Jedi Gingerbread Man


    Pink Panther 1

    Pink Panther 2

    Marvel Heroes

    Kiwi & Coco

    Owl Art

    Baby Yoda 1

    Baby Yoda 2

    Halloween/Fall Art


    Cat Art

    Digital Art

    Voting Day Artwork


    More Pies!

    Pie Art

    Sweet Treats

    Among Us Collage

    Art is "Among Us"