• Athletic Honor Society

    Club Advisors:

    Steve Siebelts- ssiebelts@bhpsnj.org

    Ashley Reedy- areedy@bhpsnj.org

    Phone number: 908-464-3100 x 2413 or 908-464-3100 x 2545


    • The student athlete must be a junior or a senior at Governor Livingston High School.
    • The student athlete must have earned at least two varsity letters.
    • The student must consistently exhibit exemplary behavior in the classroom and at school functions and activities. Students who have been suspended, who have chronic conduct violations, or who have violated the athletic code of conduct will be ineligible.
    •  Initial student/athlete eligibility for “Highlander High Honors” recognition will accrue after the first semester of the athlete’s junior year. At this time, the student must have a weighted G.P.A. of 3.50 to 4.50 all courses taken through the fifth semester and have earned two varsity letters. 

    A Junior student athlete who is projected to earn a 2nd varsity letter in the spring and has attained a 3.00 to 3.49 weighted G.P.A. or better after the fifth semester is also eligible to be inducted as "Highlander Honors". 

    Once a student athlete is inducted- they will not be re-inducted if their academic status changes.  If the student athlete does not meet said criteria, a review will be held at the conclusion of the student’s junior year (all courses taken through the sixth semester).  Similarly, a review of the athlete’s G.P.A. will be conducted at the conclusion of the first semester of the student’ athlete's senior year.


    Athletic Honor Society Induction - Fall 2022