Math Club
  • Goals​:

    ●  To provide students an opportunity to do math for fun!

    ●  To improve students' problem-solving skills and encourage collaboration

    ●  Participate in local and national math competitions.


    Meeting times to be determined.


    Columbia Middle School participates in two national math competitions.

    1. AMC 8 (American Mathematical Competition for students up to grade 8). This test is offered in November and will be offered online. It is a 25 question multiple-choice test involving problem-solving in the middle school curriculum. Students who score in the top 1% and 5% nationally will be recognized.

    2. MATHCOUNTS is a​ national middle school mathematics competition that builds problem-solving skills and fosters achievement through four levels of fun, in-person "bee" style contests. In response to COVID-19 this year, there will be more​ contests and they will be held ​online.

    Students will participate in four practice online MathCounts tests from Oct.-Jan. These tests will be offered online​.​ We will have an opportunity to review each test before the next practice test. The top scorers will go on to compete in a Chapter Competition (Locally) in February and some might go on to the State Competitions in March.


    3. MATH   In this online math competition, we work as a team to compete against other schools across the country.  There is a "March Madness" type bracket competition each spring.  The teams that win advance each week until there is a winner.   Other teams are randomly matched against schools to stay in the competition for fun.  

    *Depending on the availability of most members.


  • “We make learning math fun. We believe middle school is a critical juncture when a love of math must be encouraged, and a fear of math must be overcome. Our programs build problem-solving skills and positive attitudes about math, so students embrace challenges and expand their academic and career opportunities in the future.” -