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  • Ms. Hanselman has been an educator in New Jersey for 27 years, spending the past 23  in the Berkeley Heights School District as both an elementary classroom teacher and art teacher.

    A proud alumna of the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, N.J. and graduate student of The College of New Jersey, " Ms.H." (along with her sidekick, "Splatter,") enjoys connecting her students' amazing imaginations to culture, nature, performing, history, literature, science, mathematics, music, and problem-solving through the creative process.

    Every September is an exciting adventure -- with THIS September being no exception! She is impressed with the student's abilities and adaptabilities when working on navigating new ways of learning, and is grateful to parents and families for their support and involvement as we all figure out the best ways to help children succeed!


    Students may receive the following overall grade each trimester related to varied units or techniques.

    (E) Emerging 

    (D) Developing

    (S) Secure



  • Ms. Hanselman teaches at both William Woodruff & Thomas P. Hughes Elementary Schools.