Highlander Arboretum

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  • At Governor Livingston High School we believe in the importance of preserving and appreciating all that nature has to offer. Situated on our beautiful 39-acre campus, the Highlander Arboretum has more than 60 identified trees, including nearly 30 different species from 16 families.  



  • This project began as a brainstorm when Lara Mendenhall visited Arlington National Cemetary. It has continued on as citizen research carried out by many GL students in Environmental Science and Biology classes. In 2020, we became an accredited ArbNet arboretum. Read the article here

    The Highlander Arboretum is maintained by the Environmental Club and the Environmental Science students at Governor Livingston High School. It is advised by Lara Mendenhall, Science Teacher and Environmental Club advisor, James Finley, Supervisor of Science, Art, and Computers, and Richard Leister, Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission Chair. 

    Thank You to our Sponsors and Volunteers

    Contact:  Lara Mendenhall