• Ms. Harpster recently hosted a remote movie night for her students. 

    MKM Movie Night


    Friday April 3rd and Saturday April 4th Kindergarten and First Grade students were treated to a special Zoom PJ Party and Movie Night. The featured film was "The Secret Life of Pets 2". The party began at 7PM, students were encouraged to wear their pajamas, grab a snack, and bring along their pet (or stuffed animal). Siblings were invited as well.

    From blanket forts to ice cream sundaes, the evenings proved to be a fun time for all. MKM artists know how to party!

    The Secret Life of Pets 2

    Movie Night #1

    Kindergarten artists joined Ms. Harpster for their party and came prepared with smiles, forts, and friends. If you look closely you can even see Ms. Harpster's cat, Uncle Fester "crashing" the party. He is sitting snuggly on the blanket.


    Movie Night 2  

    First Grade artists had a blast partying and watching the movie in their pjs, on sofas, and in bedrooms. Snuggling with blankets and even their stuffed animals, these party-goers knew exactly how to "live it up".


    Movie Night 3

    Above, Liam is pictured relaxing at the Zoom PJ Party and Movie Night. In addition, Madelyn and her brother Jason take some time during "intermission" to enjoy delicious looking ice cream sundaes (save some for me!)


    Movie Night $