100 Chart

    Missing Numbers

    Here you will find a copy of the 100 chart, a blank 100 chart, and a missing number chart. 

    • Your child should be able to identify and order numbers from 1-100.
    • You can also count by 10's.
    • Try also to see if they can count forward from any given number. "If I say 27, what number comes next?"

    Double Facts

    • It's important to still practice your double facts to help you solve addition problems, click on the link above to start practicing.
    • If you have a dice in your house, roll it, double it, tell someone the fact you solved.


    Telling Time

    • Here is a link to abcya for fun games practicing telling time!



    • Have fun with the above link practicing your measurement skills.


    Teen Numbers

    • Play games representing numbers 1-20 in ten frames



    • How do you make a picture graph to answer a question? How does a bar graph help you compare information?

    Place Value

    • How can you show a number as ten and ones? How can you model and name groups of ten?
    • Try your skills at this online game click here