• Welcome to the Mary Kay McMillin E.C.C. Virtual Art Gallery

    We will be featuring works of art created in K-1st Grade classes. These masterpieces have been created in at home "studios" during our Remote Learning Experiences.


    Highlights of Week 11

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 10 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Bring a Guest to Zoom, Celebration of the Arts Day, Kindergarten Art, 1st Grade Art, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    Better Together

    Mrs. Shanagher and Mr. Fabiano hosted "Bring a Guest" to Zoom Day. Students worked with their special guest to complete a very special art project. They listened to "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz and completed a their special project, proving we are all "Better Together".


    Whitney and Kate

    Whitney and Kate (Whitney's special guest) worked together and made masterpieces during Mrs. Shanagher and Mr. Fabiano's "Bring a Guest" to zoom day. Great work girls!


    Evan's Artwork-Better Together

    Evan's AMAZING masterpiece created during Mrs. Shanagher and Mr. Fabiano's "Bring a Guest" to zoom.



    Robins & Artists

    Artists celebrated the arts by participating in a special art lesson about how to draw a robin. Students learned about special blending and shading techniques.




    Highlights of Week 10

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 10 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Spaceships, 1st Grade's Astronauts, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    Isabella's Astronaut

    Isabella's Astronaut


    Bella's Spaceship & Solar System

    Bella's Spaceship & Solar System


    Gia's Spaceship & Solar System

    Gia's Spaceship & Solar System


    Jeremy's Self Portrait

    Jeremy's Self Portrait


    Lucy's Self Portrait

    Lucy's Self Portrait


    Rada's Makerspace Activity

    Rada's Makerspace Activity


    Highlights of Week 9

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 9 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Origami Pets, 1st Grade's Coral Reefs, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    Naomi's Coral Reef

    Naomi's Coral Reef


    Naomi's Britto Dog

    Naomi's Romero Britto Dog


    Keira's Origami Puppy

    Keira was inspired by her stuffed animal and decided to make an origami verson of her puppy.


    Matteo hard at work

    Matteo, hard at work.


    Matteo's finished masterpiece!

    Matteo proudly shows his finished masterpiece! WELL DONE, MATTEO!


    Gia's Origami Kitty

    Gia's Origami Kitty


    Bella's Origami Kitty

    Bella's Origami Kitty


    Isabella's Britto Dog

    Isabella's Romero Britto Dog


    Chase and his Romero Britto Art

    Chase with his FANATSTIC works of art. One was inspired by the Brizilian artist Romero Britto. Can you guess which one?


    Quinn's Romero Britto Art

    Quinn's Romero Britto Art 


    Highlights of Week 8

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 8 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Chameleon Project, 1st Grade's Lemur, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    Naomi Drapkin's Lemur

    Naomi's Lemur


    Keira's Chameleon

    Keira's Chameleon


    Parker's Lemur

    Parker's Lemur


    Lemur Artwork More Lemur Artwork

    Nathan and Billy's Lemurs


    Rada's Koala

    Rada's Koala Bear


    Benjamin's Lemur Art

    Benjamin's Lemur Art


    Grace's Chameleon

    Grace's Chameleon


    Quinn's Koala

    Quinn's Koala Bear


    Carter's Lemur

    Carter's Lemur


    Ellie's Lemur

    Ellie's Lemur


    Isabella's Lemur

    Isabella's Lemur


    Highlights of Week 7

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 7 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Mexican Mirror Project, 1st Grade's Frida Kahlo Project, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    Frida hosts Art Zoom Class

    This week's Zoom Art Class took a trip to Mexico to visit La Casa Azul & learn about Frida Kahlo!


    Evan's Frida Art

    Evan's Frida Art


    Isabella's Frida

    Isabella's Frida Art

    Grace with her mirror art

    Grace holds up her project inspired by "Mexican Mirrors". These traditional pieces of folk art can still be found in many market places in Mexico! Muy Bien!


    Carter's Frida Art

    Carter's Frida Art


    Haileys is on the left; Izzy’s is on the right.

    The D'Silva Girls created some AMAZING Frida inspired portraits! Hailey's is on the left; Izzy’s is on the right.


    Paint Pour Extravaganza!

    The Kapuscinski Artists created some GROOVY looking paint pour masterpieces! Way to go!


    Double Fridas!

    Am I seeing double?! GREAT WORK!


    Will & his Frida inspired art

    Will shows off his Frida and Mexico themed works. Displayed is his Frida portrit from Zoom Art Class. If you look carefully you can even see some of Frida's many pets she kept during her life. Will shows her pet deer and Eagle (Yes, you read correct, Frida had an EAGLE!). In his other hand Will holds up his project inspired by "Mexican Mirrors". These traditional pieces of folk art can still be found in many market places in Mexico! Muy Bien!


    Helen and her Frida Art

    Helen displays both her Frida portraits. Like Will, she also includes some of Frida's pets. Featured in her work, Helen has drawn Frida's pet deer and monkey!


    Chase's Frida Art

    Chase's Frida inspired artwork


    Naomi's Frida

    Naomi focuses on value and shading in her Frida Kahlo portrait. Awesome work!


    Danny Dali!

    Danny is looking very much like Dali after completing his art project! Nice work! I like the mustache!

    Evan's Yoda

    Evan's Baby Yoda


    Conrad and his Essential Worker Inspired Art

    Conrad takes some time to create art that pays homage to our essential workers. SUPER WORK CONRAD!


    Caely and Ryder's Artwork!

    Caely and Ryder took a "field trip" to Mountain Park and created art with older brother Bryce. This week's theme in 3rd grade was to create a 3-D cake. Are you two sure you're not in 3rd grade?! 


    Highlights of Week 6

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 6 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's POP ART Landscape Project, 1st Grade's Andy Warhol Inspired Mono-Print, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    MKM Movie Night



     Kindergarten and First Grade students were treated to a special Zoom PJ Party and Movie Night. The featured film was "Spiderman Into the Spiderverse". The party began at 7PM, students were encouraged to wear their pajamas, grab a snack, and bring along their pet (or stuffed animal). Siblings were invited as well.

    Once again, the evening proved to be a fun time for all. MKM artists know how to party!

    Zoom Party Part 2!

    Part Animals Liam and Seth

    Party Animals, Liam and Seth enjoy the evening's entertainment


    Andy Warhol Zoom Class

    This week Kindergarten and First Grade Artists learned about Pop Art in Zoom Art Class with special guest Andy Warhol!


    Helen's Andy Warhol Inspired Art

    Helen's Andy Warhol inspired art from Zoom Art Class. Nicely done!


    Naomi's Cupcake

    Naomi's Cupcakes! They look good enough to eat!


    Isabella's Soup Can

    Isabella's Soup Can! Check out the label, Noodle Soup by Double Bella! That sound like a great brand. I should go out and buy some now!

    Evan's Cupcakes

    Evan's cupcakes look good enough to eat!


    Will's Pop Art Landscape

    Will's Pop Art Landscape. AWESOME!


    Liam and his Andy Warhol Inspired Cupcakes

    Liam with his Andy Warhol inspired cupcakes. YOU ROCK!


    Keira and her POP Art Landscape

    Who is this hiddent artist?! Keira creates a lovely depiction of a POP ART landscape!


    Grace's Pop Art Landscape

    Grace's Pop Art Landscape. Fantastic work Grace!


    Gia's Pop Art Landscape

    Gia's Pop Art Landscape!


     Bella's Pop Art Landscape

    Bella's Pop Art Landscape!


    Mono print artwork

    MKM artists pose with their works of art inspired by Andy Warhol's monoprinting technique


    Harper's Monoprint

    Harper's MAGNIFICENT monoprint inspired by Andy Warhol!


    Gwen's Getty Challenge!

    1st Grade artist Gwen too on the Getty Art Museum Challenge. Challenge accepted! Gwen did a STELLAR job recreating the image with her pet dog!


    Alisha with her art

    Artist Alisha poses proudly with her artwork. Love all the details!


    Caely and wax art

    Caely mixes art with science as she explores the melting properties of wax with crayons. Check out her cool "encaustic" (wax) art. Way to go, Caely!


    Highlights of Week 5

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 5 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Dinosaur Project, 1st Grade's Keith Haring & Banksy Inspired Graffiti, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    Siena and her Dino Egg

    Paleontologist Siena is proudly showing off her new discovery, a rare Arty-saurus Rex!

    Liam and his Keith Haring Inspired Art

    Liam and his Keith Haring inspired art 

    Conrad Banksy Bathroom Art Banksy Bathroom Art

    UK based graffiti artist Banksy redecorates a bathroom while social distancing (Right). After learning about the artist during Zoom Art Class Conrad and his family take a mini art break while remodeling their bathroom (Left). Looks like an MKM Banksy struck NJ!

    Evan's Keith Haring Art

    Evan's Keith Haring inspired art

    Naina's Earth Day Art

    Artist Naina creates a beautiful lanscape in celebration of Earth Day!

    Skylar and her art

    Skylar shows her silly faces made from recyclable materials. Nice work Skylar! 

    Caely and her Haring Art

    Artist Caely and her Keith Haring inspired art.

    Ben with his art

    Benjamin and his Haring art

    Jose with his Graffiti "Tag"

    Jose with his Graffiti "Tag"

    Haring Inspired Work #1 Haring Inspired Work #2

    The Brother Artists! 

    Billy & Nathan show off their Keith Haring art!

    AMAZING Graffiti Art!

    Naomi's Keith Haring Art

    Naomi poses with he Keith Haring masterpiece!

    Ellie and her Keith Haring Art

    Ellie proudly displays her Keith Haring Art

    Nate's Graffiti Art

    Some AWESOME art from Week 5!

    Leo's Art Projects

    Some great works of art by Kindergarten Artist Leo!


    Highlights of Week 4

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 4 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Swirly Bird's Nest (Bird's-Eye View) Project, 1st Grade's Light & Art Project Inspired by the Pantheon, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)


    Union County Youth Art Month Online Art Gallery

    Click this link to watch the Digital Art Exhibit: 2020 Union County YAM Art Exhibit

    MKM YAM Artists

    CONGRATULATIONS & great work Luke, Whitney, and Wren!


    Ben Working hard on his light art project

    Benjamin & His Art

    Inspired by his family's vaction and this week's lesson on the Pantheon, Benjamin quickly got to work creating his project. 


    Billy & Nathan's Shadow Art

    Brothers, Nathan and Billy are at it again! Check out their unique shadow artwork!


    Naomi & Tom Shadow Tracing

    Naomi and older brother Tom take their art outdoors for their shadow tracing project inspired by the Pantheon in Italy


    Monet Inspired Artwork

    Monet's Water Lilies

    Monet's Water Lilies

    Artists Izzy, Rada, Helen and Will channel their inner impressionistic artist and create beautiful works inspired by Monet's series of water lilies


    Rada & her telescope Ronald's Ant & Bee Home

    Rada and Ronald get creative with found objects! Rada made a telescope and Ronald made a home for ants and bees! SO COOL!


    Grace's Nest Grace's Dandelion

    In Kindergarten, Grace makes works that show nature and "bird's-eye views". Her nest and dandelion are looking pretty specatacular!


    Keira and her Bird Art

    Artist Keira hold up her latest masterpiece! 


    Izzy's Art  

    In Kindergarten, Izzy makes works that show nature and "bird's-eye views". Awesome work Izzy! Keep it up!


    Aria's Kindergarten Cat Artwork

    Here we have artist Aria showing off her latest masterpiece. Look at those amazing cats!


    Matisse Inspired art Annabella & James (1) Annabella and James Matisse Art (2)

    Artists Annabella and James create some amazing Matisse inspired collages! GREAT WORK!



    Highlights of Week 3

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 3 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Loud-Mouth Larry Monster Project, 1st Grade's Robot Inspired Art Work, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    MKM Movie Night


    Friday April 3rd and Saturday April 4th Kindergarten and First Grade students were treated to a special Zoom PJ Party and Movie Night. The featured film was "The Secret Life of Pets 2". The party began at 7PM, students were encouraged to wear their pajamas, grab a snack, and bring along their pet (or stuffed animal). Siblings were invited as well.

    From blanket forts to ice cream sundaes, the evenings proved to be a fun time for all. MKM artists know how to party!

    The Secret Life of Pets 2

    Zoom Party Day 1

    Kindergarten artists joined Ms. Harpster for their party and came prepared with smiles, forts, and friends. If you look closely you can even see Ms. Harpster's cat, Uncle Fester "crashing" the party. He is sitting snuggly on the blanket.

    1st Grade Zoom PJ & Movie Party

    Zoom PJ & Movie Party

    First Grade artists had a blast partying and watching the movie in their pjs, on sofas, and in bedrooms. Snuggling with blankets and even their stuffed animals, these party-goers knew exactly how to "live it up".

    Movie Night

    Above, Liam is pictured relaxing at the Zoom PJ Party and Movie Night. In addition, Madelyn and her brother Jason take some time during "intermission" to enjoy delicious looking ice cream sundaes (save some for me!)


    AENJ Youth Art Month's Artist Spotlight of the Week

    Whitney McCormack was selected by the AENJ YAM community to be featured as "Student Artist Spotlight of the Week". Whitney's Amur Leopard was originally scheduled to be exhibited alongside MKM YAM artists Wren Malester-Poris and Luke Vinokur. You can find Whitney's art publicized on AENJ YAM's Instagram and the AENJ YAM Blog. CONGRATULATIONS WHITNEY!!!

    Whitney's Amur Leopard

    Whitney's YAM Publication

    Whitney's AENJ YAM Blog Feature


    Week 3 Artwork

    Grace's Loud Mouth Larry

    Giuliana's Loud Mouth Larry

    The Richter Artists, Artist Will, Artist Grace, Artist Giuliana, and Artist Keira show their Larry Loud Mouth Monsters inspired by the art of Greg Mike.


    Picasso Art

    Picasso Inspired Masterpieces

    Nate's Picasso Art

    Dean in Zoom Art Class

    Dean working hard in Zoom Art Class

    Picasso Art in Personal Studios

    Naomi and her brother Tom are working diligently in their home art studio

    ZOOM ART CLASS: After learning about Picasso and listening to the stories "When Pigasso met Mootisse" and "Picasso and the Girl with the Ponytail", Zoom artists created their own cubist inspired portraits. Featured above are the Picasso Masterpieces created by artists Neo, Helen, Will, Gabriel, Matteo, and Norah. Way to go MKM!


    Naomi in her "studio" Naomi's Robot

    Pictured above is artist Naomi in her "studio". To the right we see her finished robot, GREAT WORK!


    Carter & Art

    Artist Carter shows off his robot art. Awesome work, keep it up!


     Benjamin's Robot

    Benjamin and his robot artwork, fantastic work!


    Isabella's Robot

    Isabella's rocket robot! Notice how Isabella designed her robot to fly with rocket jets, so cool!


    Silas' Art Robot  

    Using a combination of "found objects" and collage techniques Silas created a one-of-a-kind Robot Alien!


    Harper's Robot Art

    Harper's AMAZING robot art


     MKM Robot Art

    Inventive & Creative Robot Art by MKM Artists


    Jose with his Robot Art

    Jose display not just one but 3 different versions of his robot art! Nice work!


    STEAM Robot Activity

    Jose's STEAM project. He created what is known as an "Artist Statement". Artist Statements give an artist's viewers a little more information about the work they created.


     Ronald's Robot Art

    Ronald's egg painting robot! So cool!


    Kyle's Art Ryan's Art

    The Kelly Artists (Ryan and Kyle), each created PHENOMENAL large scale works of art. Keep up the super work!


    Chalk Art

    The D'Silva artists took adavntage of the gorgeous weather and got busy creating outdoor art. Spreading some cheer and color in the driveway the girls worked together to create this beautiful stained glass/mosaic inspired chalk drawing. WOW!


    Eleanor’s Seurat Study, working hard!

    Here we see MKM artist Eleanor working hard on her Seurat inspired painting. We know from class that Seurat is the artist who used dots in his work. Art made with dots is called Pointillism.


    Eleanor's finished Pointillism Painting

    Eleanor's finished pointillism painting! BEAUTIFUL!!!


     Robot Fun in Home Studios!

    Caely gets creative working on her robot art in her home studio


    Sheen's STEAM Art

    Sheen's STEAM Gravity Art 


    Rada's Chalk Art

    Rada also took advantage of the wonderful weather and created some chalk art mosaics of her own.


    Chase's Art

    Pictured above, Chase displays his amzing creations inspired by Jackson Pollock and Henri Matisse.


     Izzy's Kandinsky Art

    Pictured above Izzy displays her Kandinsky inspired artwork



    Highlights of Week 2

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 2 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's Kandinsky Project, 1st Grade's Matisse Inspired Art Work, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

    Zoom Field Trip to Egypt

    This week Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes took a zoom "field trip" to Egypt and learned about ancient Egyptian art, The Great Sphinx, and the Pyramids of Giza!


    MKM Artists "Zooming"

    Artists Hard at Work

    MKM Artists Dean, Ryan, and Katie "Zooming" and hard at work!


    MKM Artists

    Liam and his art

    Matteo's Egyptian Art

    Pyramid Artwork

    Whitney's Egyptian Art

    Artists and their artworks! What a fun "field trip" we all had in Egypt! I love those masterpieces MKM!


    First-Grade Matisse Masterpieces 

    1st Grade Matisse Collages


     Matisse Masterpiece!

    Isabella with her Matisse inspired masterpiece!


    Nathan's Art Billy's Art

    Brothers, Nathan and Billy make masterpieces and add their own unique "flare" to their creations. Great work!


     MKM Artists show off their masterpieces in their home studios!

    Artist Spotlights

    Helen and Will practice detailed coloring at home. They decided to make a new colorful family pet named Little Howler. Will even drew a hyena. Nice work Hayes artists!

    Jose and his sister take their creativity outdoors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

    Parker shows off his Matisse masterpiece! 


    Artist Spotlights

    Ben and his family expressed their gratitude by creating a poster to hang on their front door. Thank you for supporting our essential postal workers during this time Chew Family! YOU ROCK!


    Mila hard at work

    Mila and Alexander spend the lovely day outside painting frog planters. Next week they will use them to plant flowers. That looks like so much fun! Great work!


    Caely and Ryder

    Caely and Ryder show off their Monday Art-spiration Masterpieces. They created "Rainbow Bushes"! Very creative Kapuscinski artists, keep creating!


    Sheen's Art Project

    Sheen shows her "Is this Art?" project. I vote "yes", it is 100% art. I LOVE your artwork Sheen! Keep up the AWESOME work!


    Sheen's Spinner

    Click this link to see Sheen, the Spinner Queen!

    Video Link: Check out how MKM Artists are using STEAM


    Julian Moore

    Julian is definitley a busy artist! He has created quite the "portfolio", ranging from 2-D to 3-D art! Whether he is making Egyptian art featuring a camel, abstract art, cool creatures, or a VERY awesome 3-D "mixed media" chicken, Julian continues to "wow" his viewers. Keep creating Julian we love seeing your work! 


    Rada's Art

    Radoslava (Rada, for short) is another MKM artist who has been creating art using different mediums. "Medium" is a fancy art word that means materials. Whether it is with paint, fabric, or recyclables Rada lets her imagination "run wild" and creates unique works of art. Way to go Rada, keep it up!

    Click on the links below to hear from the artist herself! Rada gives detailed "Artist Statements" to provide viewers with a glimpse into her creative process:

    Video Link: Rada Explains Her Sewn Artwork

    Video Link: Rada Shows Her Color Spinner 

    (I love how you thought of a "Plan B" for your color spinner to spin, great work Rada!)

    Video Link: Rada Explains Her Painting & Her Process


    Grace's Kindergarten Kandinsky Project.

    Grace's Art Project


    Giuliana's Kindergarten Kandinsky Project.

    Kandinsky Inspired Art  



    Highlights of Week 1

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 1 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: Kindergarten's "CAT-astrophe" Project, 1st Grade's Jackson Pollock Inspired Art Work, Zoom, & STEAM Activities)

     Art Zoom

    Look at Maddie, who needs a classroom when we have Art Zoom! Keep creating MKM, you all rock!



    Click this link to see Benjamin Chew, MASTER OF THE COLOR SPINNER

    Video Link: Check out how MKM Artists are using STEAM


    Action Painting

     Click this link to watch Jackson Pollock...Oops, I mean Nate, create an awesome "Action Painting"!

    Video Link: Action Painting Inspired By Jackson Pollock


    Frankie doing his STEAM art

    Check out STEAM Scientist, Frankie observing light refraction with his STEAM Art Project! 


    STEAM Art Light Refraction in Action!

    STEAM artist and scientist Grace shows light refraction in action! Look at how her drawing changes!


     MKM Artists show off their masterpieces in their home studios!

    MKM Masterpieces MKM Artists Ellie & Her Art

    Mosaics Inspired By Spain

    Here is Catalina making her mosaic of Park Güell sculptures from Barcelona, Spain. This is part of her monthly subscription to Little Passports and this month she learns about Spain. Keep creating Catalina! We love seeing your work!


    Funky First-Grade Masterpieces 

    Funky First Grade Art

    First Grade Art

    Malea's Art Malea's Art

    Jack and Leo's Art Jack and Leo's Art


    Izzy's Kindergarten "CAT-astrophe" Project. I love Uncle Fester hiding in the plants and Debbie is definitely up to "no good".

    Izzy's Art


    Grace's Kindergarten "CAT-astrophe" Project. I love how you drew all of Uncle Fester's toy mice! It looks like you followed the clues "puuuur-fectly"!

    Grace's Drawing


    Even the youngest MKM artists stay creative while working at home! Check out Layla from Mrs. Scales' class working on her pictures of the seasons!

    Busy Artist Layla