• Welcome to Mountain Park Elementary's Virtual Art Gallery

    We will be featuring works of art created in 2-5th Grade classes. These masterpieces have been created in at home "studios" during our Remote Learning Experiences.

    Highlights of Week 8

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 8 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th "Hipster Pet" Art Challenge, 4th Puppy Surprise, 3rd Origami Puppet Pet Shop, & 2nd Coral Reefs)

    5th Grade "Hipster Pets"

    5th graders got creative with their interpretations of "hipster" pets. I saw many FAR OUT dogs and COOL CATS along with a few other species. Nice work!

    Adrienne's Hipster Dog

    Adrienne's Hipster Dog


    Nina's Cool Cat

    Nina's Cool Cat


    Joseph and Jiffy's Hipster Dog

    Joseph and Jiffy's Hipster Dog


    Jack's Hipster Dog

    Jack's Hipster Dog


    Mia's Hipster Cat

    Mia's Cool Cat


    Oliwia's Hipster Dog

    Oliwia's Hipster Dog


    Aadya's Hipster Dog

    Aadya's Hipster Dog


    Abigail's Hipster Hedgehog

    Abigail's Hipster Hedgehog


    4th Grade "Puppy Surprise"

    4th Graders created a work of art that changes depending on how you fold it. Titled "Puppy Surprise", students folded a piece of paper in such a way to reveal a stack of puppies when opened. What a fun surprise!

    Shasta and Joseph with their art

    Joseph and Shasta have fun with this week's art assignment


    Erinn's Puppy #1 Erinn's Puppy #2

    Erinn's Puppy Surprise


    Christopher's Puppies

    Christopher's Puppy Surprise


    Alexandra's Puppy Surprise

    Alexandra's Puppy Surprise


    Parker's Puppies

    Parker's Puppy Surprise


    Tom's Pup #1 Tom's Pup #2

    Tom's Puppy Surprise


    3rd Grade "Origami Puppet Pet Shop"

    Julianna's Pet

    Juliana's Pet Dog


    Zoey and Vestel

    Zoey was having a pretty boring time in quarantine until a golden retriever named Vestel appeared!


    Colin's Origami Pet

    Colin's Origami Pet


    Diganta's Origami Pet

    Diganta's Origami Pet


    Elena and Sugar

    Elena and her origami cat, Sugar


    Ella's Unicorn

    Ella's with her magical origami pet unicorn 


    Jake & Meowy

    Jake and Meowy the origami cat


    Sonia and her pet family

    Sonia shows off her origami pet family which include a bunny, cat, and dog!


    2nd Grade "Coral Reefs: A mixed media collage"

    Sonali's Coral Reef

    Sonali's Coral Reef


    Kyle's collage

    Kyle's Coral Reef


    Hugh's Reef

    Hugh's Coral Reef


    Juliana's Coral Reef

    Julianna's Coral Reef


    Stella's Coral Reef

    Stella's Coral Reef


    Trace's Coral Reef

    Trace's Coral Reef


    Sophia's Coral Collage

    Sophia's Coral Reef


    Parker's Coral Reef

    Parker's Coral Reef


    Highlights of Week 7

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 7 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th "Where's the toilet paper?" Art Challenge, 4th Self Portraits, 3rd Alien Attack!, & 2nd Origami Dragons) 

    5th Grade Toilet Paper Art

    During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic I am sure you have all heard that paper products; paper towel, paper napkins, paper plates, BUT MOST OF ALL toilet paper were among some of the items that vanished from store shelves. People bought it in bulk, stock piled it or now have so much that it is impossible to use all of it. While this was happening all the Toilet Paper around the country were laughing hysterically at the crazy humans. 5th Grade, your mission for this week's art assignment should you decide to accept it, is to draw those laughing rolls of TP.

    Abby's TP Art

    Abby's Toilet Paper Comic


    TP Art

    "The thing that is not in any stores"

    Jacob's Comic

    Jacob L.'s Comic

    Rapping TP

    Laughing TP With A Bow

    Jiffy Art

    It appears that Jiffy the Dog may have taken over Joseph's art assignment this week. Even dogs can't get enough TP!


    4th Grade Self Portraits Inspired By Roy Lichtenstein

    Roy Lichtenstein was a prominent American pop artist who favored old fashioned comic strips as a subject matter. He was recognized for including dots in his works which tended to resemble the ink in comic and newspaper prints.

    Kaitlyn Hanko's Portrait

    Kaitlyn H.'s Portrait


    Erinn's Portrait

    Erinn's Portrait


    Self Portraits by 4th Graders

    4th Grade Self Portraits

    Alex D. Portrait

    AMAZING Self Portraits By 4th Grade Artists!


    3rd Grade Talking Origami Aliens!

    "Take me to your leader!" 3rd Graders had a blast creating these talking origami aliens!

    Take me to your leader Mountain Park 3rd Graders!

    Howard's Alien

    Sophia's Alien

    Emma B. Puppy Alien

    Colin's Alien

    We Come In Peace

    This art is out of this world!

    Pirate Alien

    MP Aliens Attack!

    Mountain Park Aliens Attack!


    2nd Grade DRAGONS!

    Go forth good knights of Mountain Park and tread lightly for you are about to enter the dragons lair!!!!

    Dragons of MP

    Avery Dragon

    Ava Dragon

    Beware of the MP Dragons!

    Will's Flying Dragon

    Ellie's Dragon

    I spy a run-away dragon!

    A Feisty Fire Dragon!

    Heidi's Dragon

    Fire and Ice Dragons

    Well done Knights of Mountain Park! You have captured and trained your dragons well!


    Highlights of Week 7

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 6 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th Sugar Skulls Inspired by Mexico, 4th You're A Star Origami Lesson, 3rd Cake Art, & 2nd May the Fourth Be With You) 

    Art Zoom Class with Mrs. Simonelli's 2nd Grade

    Art Zoom Class

    Ms. Harpster was a special guest in Mrs. Simonelli's 2nd Grade Zoom Class this week. Everyone had a blast creating their own one of a kind Baby Yodas, inspired by Star Wars Day (May the 4th). The force is strong with this class!


    5th Grade Sugar Skulls

    Every year, Americans (and some other countries, too), celebrate Cinco de Mayo. On the fifth of May, Americans celebrate the defeat of the French May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla.
    This day was adopted by Mexicans living in America as a celebration of Mexico and Mexican culture.
    Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the culture of Mexico and Mexican heritage in America. Students celebrated Mexican culture by drawing Sugar Skulls! MUY BIEN!

    Adrienne's Sugar Skull

    Adrienne's Sugar Skull

    Joseph's Sugar Skull

    Joseph's Sugar Skull

    Oliwia's SUgar Skull

    Oliwia's Sugar Skull

    Catarina's Sugar Skull

    Catarina's Sugar Skull

    Nina's Sugar Skull

    Nina's Sugar Skull

    Allen's 3-D Sugar Skull

    Allen's 3-D Sugar Skull

    Jack's Sugar Skull

    Jack's Sugar Skull

    Sharika's Sugar Skull

    Sharika's Sugar Skull


    4th Grade You're a Star: Origami Relief Lesson

    Relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background of the same material. The term relief is from the Latin verb relevo, to raise. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised.

     Olivia Radano's Star

    Olivia's Star

    Ethan's Star

    Ethan's Star

    Gui's Star

    Gui's Star

    Caragh's Star

    Caragh's Star

    Tom's Star

    Tom's Star

     Shreya's Star

    Shreya's Star

    Anthony's Star

    Anthony's Star


    3rd Grade 3-D Cakes (Value and Shading Techniques)

    Warning: Art is not edible even though it looks good enough to eat!

    Ella's Cake

    Ella's Cake

    Adriana's Cake

    Adriana's Cake

    Braeden's Cake

    Braeden's Cake

    Sophia's Cake

    Sophia's Cake

    Colin's Cake

    Colin's Cake

    Sonja's Cake

    Sonja's Cake

    Jake's Cake

    Jake's Cake

    Emma B. Cake

    Emma B.'s Cake


    2nd Grade May the FOURTH Be With You: Baby Yoda Art

    Relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background of the same material. The term relief is from the Latin verb relevo, to raise. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised.

    Liam's Yoda

    The force is strong with Liam and Baby Yoda

    Avery's Yoda

    The force is strong with Avery and Baby Yoda

    Dylan K. Yoda

    The force is strong with Dylan and Baby Yoda

    Sonali's Yoda Art

    The force is strong with Sonali and Baby Yoda

    Parker's Yoda

    The force is strong with Parker and Baby Yoda


    Highlights of Week 5

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 5 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th The Getty Art Museum Challenge, 4th Photography Lesson, 3rd Illuminated Letters, & 2nd Earth Day Art) 

    5th Grade Getty Art Museum Challenge: Recreate A Masterpiece!

    Even though most of us are stuck at home and can’t go out and enjoy art in museums, that doesn’t mean that life is boring or uncultured. The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles (or the Getty for short) challenged people to post photos of themselves recreating their favorite works of art from the safety of their homes. The challenge has gone viral on social media and with our Mountain Park artists!

    Ms. Harpster, Uncle Fester, Debbie, and General's Getty Art Museum Challenge

    Ms. Harpster, Uncle Fester the Sphynx Cat, Debbie the Calico Cat, and General the Dachshund recreate a few materpieces at home for the Getty Art Museum Challenge

    Frida Kahlo Recreation

    Catarina Rego Araujo channels her inner Frida Kahlo for the Getty Challenge

    Oliwia's Art Recreation

    Oliwia Chojnowska recreates "Lady with an Ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci

    Girl with the Pearl Earring

    Alexandra Meredith recreates Vermeer's masterpiece "Girl with the Pearl Earring" 

    When the WiFi is Out

    Jacob Liu got creative and even had his cat Lucky join the challenge by recreating "The Scream". Jacob renamed his interpretation "When the WiFi is Out". I think we ALL can relate to that expression Jacob, great work!

     Luke Palermo's Recreation

     Luke Palermo was inspired by the above image of the lion with an open jaw; on a blue background. Using his own cat, a blue wall, and MANY cat treats Luke managed to recreate the image perfectly. Great work, Luke & Luke's cat!
    Teigen's recreation of "Son of Man"
    Teigen Ang-Horowitz's recreation of Rene Magritte's "The Son of Man"
    Danna Lam's Art Recreation
    Danna Lam's art recreation for the Getty Art Challenge

    4th Grade Photography

    With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, photography has become one of the easiest ways to document daily life. In this lesson, students explore their surroundings and take pictures that show examples of the elements of art and principles of design. Students were even given the extra "art challenge" of digitally enhancing or manipulating their photographs.

    Erinn Cai's Staircase

    Erinn Cai's Staircase

    Gabe Bartiromo's Tulips

    Gabe Bartiromo's Tulips

    Michael Blancuzzi's Landscape

    Michael Blancuzzi's Landscape

    Oliver Schmid's Blossoming Tree

    Oliver Schmid's Blossoming Tree

    Tom Drapkin's Tree Photo

    Tom Drapkin's Tree With Exposed Roots

    Amazing 4th Grade Photography


    3rd Grade Illuminated Letters 

    Illuminated Letters

    An illuminated letter was usually the first letter of a page or paragraph. It was always enlarged and in color with gold applied in areas, while the rest of the text remained black. The images used to enhance the letters include animals, plants, and mythological creatures. These images were modified to fit into or around the letter, or in some cases took on the shape of the letter itself.

    Importance of Illuminations:
    Illuminations defined a time in history when the ability to read was sacred and reserved for religious leaders or those born of royal blood. Because it took great skill to create such items of beauty and because these creations were so important, it was a great time in history for artists! For without their skills and talents such beautiful images might not have ever existed! 


    2nd Grade Art Inspired By Earth Day

    Victoria Holden's Earth Day Art

    Victoria Holden's Earth Day Art

    Cole Chaleff's Earth Day Art

    Cole Chaleff's Earth Day Art

    Madison Dunn's Earth Day Art

    Madison Dunn's Earth Day Art

    Earth Day Artwork from 2nd Grade

    For this project 2nd Graders were inspired by "Earth Day".
    Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries.



     Colin's Sports Themed Letter

    Colin makes designs his illuminated letter with a sports theme! AWESOME!


    Emma's Comic

    Emma's Alien Comic


    Jack Salmon Getty Challenge

    Jack's Art Inspiration

    Jack Salmon does an AMAZING job recreating this work of art for the Getty Art Challenge!


    Art Shout Out

    Some of our AMAZING artists got a "shout out" on the Berkeley Heights Website. Way to go, girls!


    Courtney’s Illumination

    Courtney’s Illuminated Letter


    Matthew's Egg

    Matthew's Egg Photograph! SO COOL!


    Ella Panagiotou's Letter

    Ella Panagiotou uses digital art to create a beautiful illuminated letter


    Brayden's Letter

    Brayden decided on a futuristic/ science theme. He included DNA, coding, and genome sequencing, and computer keys. The letter "V" is his middle initial. 


    Sophia's Illumination  

    Sophia's "S" is STUNNIG with all that detail! Excellent work!


    Leah's Art

    Leah's AMAZING photograph inspired by nature!


    Highlights of Week 4

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 4 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th En Plein Air Art inspired by the Impressionists, 4th Woodturning Vessel, 3rd Comic Strip, & 2nd Abstract Art inspired by Jackson Pollock)



    Union County Youth Art Month Online Art Gallery

    Click this link to watch the Digital Art Exhibit: 2020 Union County YAM Art Exhibit

    Union County YAM Art Exhibit MP

    CONGRATULATIONS & great work Georgia, Taylor, and Natalia!


    5th Grade En Plein Air Impressionism Artwork

    AMAZING 5th Grade Landscapes

    Impressionism & Outdoor Art

    Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice goes back for centuries but was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint light and its changing qualities, coupled with the creation of transportable paint tubes and the box easel allowed artists the freedom to paint “en plein air,” which is the French expression for “in the open air.” In this lesson, 5th Graders have the opportunity to create "plein air" art using "any" available media (materials)


    4th Grade Woodturning Vessel (Digital Art)

    Woodturning Digital Art

    Using the Woodturning 3-D computer game or iPad application, 4th grade students sculpted and painted their own wooden vessel. The digital simulation allows for the students to try many different wood lathe techniques to achieve their desired form. 


    3rd Grade Comic Strips 

    Comic Book Artists

    Comic strips often express messages or provide brief glances of events or stories. Key elements of a comic strip include character, setting, and plot — all conveyed in a few frames through a combination of pictures, captions, and dialogue. Due to its condensed format, a comic strip highlights only the most important elements of its targeted topic.

    Using the six frames (that's comic book slang for box) 3rd graders created their own short comic complete with characters and a story. 


    2nd Grade Abstract Art Inspired By Jackson Pollock 

    Abstract Art 2nd Grade

    Abstract Artwork by AMAZING 2nd Graders

    ...But is it art?

    One day a student came up to me and had an idea. He said how artists always make REALLY good artwork but wouldn't it be cool if they made "bad" art instead.

    What a cool idea! Did you know that there are a group of artists who did just that?! They made a new style of art called abstraction. When these artists first created their pieces most people thought their work was "bad". They would scratch their heads and wonder..."is this art"? For this project students used line, shapes, and color to create abstract art inspired by Jackson Pollock.


    Dog Days of Summer

    The 5th Grade "Dog Days of Summer" artists meet for their weekly Zoom conference. For this week we had a special guest artist joining us, Jiffy the dog!


    Erinn Cai's Vessel

    4th Grade Artist Erinn Cai's Woodturning Vessel


    Caitriona Lambert's Pollock Art

    2nd Grade Artist Caitriona Lambert's Abstract Jackson Pollock Inspired Painting


    Adriana's Comic

    3rd Grade Artist Adriana Graziano's Comic Strip


    Chloe's Abstract Art

    2nd Grade Artist Chloe Wang's Abstract Jackson Pollock Inspired Painting


    Victor Chen's Artwork  

    5th Grade Artist Victor Chen's En Plein Air Impressionism Artwork


    Ellie Bartiromo's Abstract Artwork

    2nd Grade Artist Ellie Bartiromo's Abstract Jackson Pollock Inspired Painting



    Highlights of Week 3

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights)

    Week 3 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th Egyptian Cat God/Goddess Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, 4th Egyptian Scarab Beetles, 3rd Grade Skulls Inspired By Georgia O'Keeffe, & 2nd Grade Robots)

    5th Grade Egyptian Cat God/Goddess Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

    Catarinas Project 3

    Catarina Rego Araujo's Egyptian Cat painting


    Egyptian Cats

    Georgia Mandarakas and Luke Palermo's Egyptian Cat


    Egyptian Cat God Artwork

    "For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities..." ~ H.P. Lovecraft

    Praised for controlling vermin, the domesticated cat became a symbol of grace and poise and was considered sacred in ancient Egyptian society. In addition to this high praise, the Egyptians developed a cat-centered religion. The “Cult of the Cat” gathered a large following in a region known as Bubastis. The chief center of worship revolved around the goddess Bastet, whose features resembled that of a feline and represented protection. For this project students referred to "The Cats of Ulthar", a short fictional story by writer H.P. Lovecraft. They then created their own Egyptian Cat God/


    4th Grade Egyptian Scarab Beetles

    Scarab Beetles

    More Scarab Art

    Pictured above are many amazing works by Mountain Park Artists

    For this assignmnet students created Egptian relics inspired by scarab beetles. In ancient Egyptian religion the scarab was a symbol of immortality, transformation, and protection. In ancient Egypt only certain colors were used. The Egyptians had limited colors to work with because they had to create their own from the natural resources around them. See the below list for traditional colors.

    Egyptian Color Scheme:
    Light blue


    3rd Grade Skulls Inspired By Georgia O'Keeffe


    Lena and her art

    Lena Negai and her skull art

    Jack Gordon and his artwork

    Jack Gordon with his masterpiece

    Ethan with his work of art

    Ethan David pictured above with his work of art

    Jake and Nolan's Artwork

     Jake Ahern and Nolan Cimini's O'Keeffe inspired art

    3rd Grade students were inspired to create art based off of the works of Georgia O'Keeffe. Students were encouraged to look at works that featured skulls and create art relating to the subject.


    2nd Grade Robots 

    2nd Grade Robots

    Robot Family

    2nd Grade: "Drawing 3-D Robots"
    Studnts made their own one-of-a-kind robot! 
    FUN ART FACT: If you wet washable marker with a little bit of water you can use it like water color paint. The marker does something called "bleeding" and will spread out on your paper. How cool is that?!
    Your Art Challenge: Shading and Value (Adding darks, mediums, and lights to make your robot look 3-D)



    Dog Days of Summer Art Zoom

    Oliwia's Snow Themed Dog Ella's Starbucks Dog

     Prior to leaving the studio at Mountain Park, five 5th Grade students were selected to participate in a special art exhibit. Boonton's "Dog Days of Summer" is a public art installation which showcases artists' custom designs on dog and cat sculptures displayed in Boonton's Main Street. The dogs are sponsored by the public at a sponsor party and online. Since receiving their sculptures, students zoom with Ms. Harpster and work on their sculptures together.

    Sponsored Student Artists: Ella Bowen, Taylor Leong, Joseph Switlyk, Oliwia Chojnowska, and Katie Coulter


    Norah Lee's Art Adrienne Lee's Artwork

    Adrienne Lee (5th Grade) and Norah Lee (1st Grade) spent some time together practicing their watercolor skill. AMAZING work girls!


    Egyptian Cat by Adrienne

     Adrienne Lee took her Egyptian Cat project to the next level! Instead of sticking to two-dimensional artwork, Adrienne chose to create a sculpture! Adrienne's cat sculpture absolutely looks like Egyptian royalty. GREAT WORK!!!


    Artist Features for Week #3  

    Great art by some FANTASTIC Mountain Park Artists!


    Anthony with his Scarab Beetle

    Anthony with his WONDERFUL scarab beetle


    Thomas' Robot

    Thomas Pedicine made a VERY cool looking 3-D robot!


    Highlights of Week 2

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 2 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th Haida Inspired Animal Art, 4th Grade Origami Dragon Eyes, 3rd Grade "Zany Zentangles", & 2nd Grade Wayne Thiebaud Pop Art Inspired Cupcakes)

    5th Grade Haida Inspired Animal Art

    Haida Art

    Nina's Art

    Nina Kramarchuk's Haida Inspired Fox

    Victor Chen's Art

    Victor Chen's "Ice Phoenix" Haida Art

    Haida Animal Symbols

    5th Grade: Art and the Ocean
    Haida art is recognized around the world for its monumental totem poles and sculptures; fine carving in wood, metal and slate; and weaving. Haida symbols can be spotted on totem poles in Alaska and Canada. This Native American art form is often referred to as art of the Pacific Northwest. Haida art uses symbolism and spirit animals as a common theme. Each animal represents a different meaning.

    Awesome work Mountain Park Artists! I love how you are embracing graphic/digital art! Keep up the great work 5th grade!


    4th Grade Origami Dragon Eyes 

    Dragon Eyes

    Two Words: DRAGON EYE!
    Recently it has come to my attention that a certain 4th grade class REALLY likes origami. I mean, they REALLY like it. 
    For this assignment students in 4th Grade created three-dimensional forms using paper to create a dragon eye.


    Stephanie DiPasquale's Dragon Eye

    Click this link to view Stephanie DiPasquale's Dragon Eye in action!

    Video Link: Check out Stephanie's Dragon Eye in motion!


    Nik's Dragon Eye

    Click this link to view Nikolas Arifaj's Dragon Eye in action!

    Video Link: Check out Nikolas Arifaj's Dragon Eye in motion!


    3rd Grade "Zany Zentangles"

    Zentangle Art

    Zentangle Designs

    Zentangle Designs

    Zentagle Art

    Emilyn Anderson shows great contrast by using red paper as a background! GREAT WORK!


    Bryce and his art

    Bryce Kapuscinski flashes a peace sign and his art. Great work!


    Dylan with his art

    Artist Dylan Patel poses with his zentangle masterpiece!


     Tallulah Guidetti's Zentangle Artwork

     Tallulah Guidetti's Zentangle Artwork


    Adrianna Graziano's Artwork

    Adrianna Graziano's Zentangle Masterpiece


    Zentangle Art

    Brayden Agro's Zentangle Art

    3rd Graders were introduced to the meditative drawing process known as Zentangles. Zentangle art is non-representational and unplanned so the artist can focus on each stroke and not worry about the result. Zentangles are a unique drawing process in which a "string" is a defining line or shape that becomes hidden in an organized mess of shapes, designs, and patterns called a "tangle". For this project 3rd graders used the letters in their names or words as the "string". 


    2nd Grade Wayne Thiebaud Pop Art Inspired Cupcakes

    2nd Grade Cupcakes (Yum!)

    Sweet Art!

    Trace with his "sweet" art! GREAT WORK!

    2nd Graders learned about the art of Wayne Thiebaud. Wayne Thiebaud is an artist made famous by his paintings of desserts. His artwork looks good enough to eat. The thick application of oil paint has the texture of real frosting, meringue, and fillings with delightful values and colors.

    Though Thiebaud’s paintings look complex, artists of all ages can create "SWEET" works of their own. Once we break it down, step back, and realize that all artwork is composed of basic shapes and lines, we begin to see that it is "a piece of cake!"




    Whale Art By Allen  

    Allen Borets' Haida Artwork. Allen took his 2-D design and transformed it into a 3-D form using his 3-D printer. Allen then added color to further represent Haida culture. Excellent work!


    Emma Greguske's Cupcake

    Emma Greguske's Thiebaud Inspired Cupcake


    Abby Loeser's Haida Art

    Abby Loeser's Haida Art


    Tom D. Dragon Eye

    Tom Drapkin's Origami Dragon Eye 

    Haida Feather Art

    Aadya Choubey's (Digital) Haida Feather Art. Aadya chose to use graphic design elements in her piece. The colors and designs really "pop". Great work!


    Chloe's Art

    Chloe Wang's Thiebaud Inspired Cupcake


    Leah's Dragon Eye

    Leah Ronga's Origami Dragon Eye


    Dylan's Cupcake Art

    Dylan Davis' Thiebaud Inspired Cupcake


    Kapuscinski Family Art

    The Kapuscinskis are fully embracing their inner abstract artist! These creative pieces definitley remind me of works I would see at a "swanky" art gallery in NYC. GREAT WORK KAPUSCINSKI ARTISTS!



    Highlights of Week 1

    (Artwork & Artist Spotlights) 

    Week 1 Online Art Projects:

    (Projects Completed: 5th Grade Graffiti, 4th Grade Mandalas, 3rd Grade Egyptian Cartouches, & 2nd Grade James Rizzi Cities)

    5th Grade Graffiti

    Focusing on the works of Banksy, 5th grade students created graffiti art using the website: Graffiti Creator 

    The debate over whether graffiti is art or vandalism is still going on. While some groups think that it is a crime other people view it as a form of expression and a way to make cities more vibrant. Some towns have even commissioned (paid artists) to paint graffiti on buildings as a means to "beautify" the area and make it more vibrant.


    4th Grade Mandalas

    4th Grade students learned about Radial Symmetry and created 

    Mandalas are symmetrical, geometric designs that are said to represent the universe. In traditional Buddhist art, a mandala is based on scriptures and designed by monks after many years of study and memorization. The Sanskrit word mandala can be roughly translated as ‘circle,’ and most mandalas feature geometric patterns􏰀 of circles and squares radiating out from a central point.


    3rd Grade Cartouches

    3rd Grade students learned about Egyptian art and the significance of cartouches.

    A cartouche is an oval frame which surrounds the hieroglyphs that make up the name of an Egyptian God or royal person. It represents a looped rope which has the magical power to protect the name that is written inside it. A cartouche was meant to protect against evil spirits both in this life and the afterlife. It can be arranged both horizontally or vertically depending on the best layout for its design.


    2nd Grade James Rizzi Cities

    2nd Graders studied the works of James Rizzi and created cities inspired by his art. 

    James Rizzi is a American Pop Artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His neighborhood of tall buildings, busy streets, taxi cabs etc, can be seen in many of his colorful paintings!



    Stained Glass Art! Stained Glass Art


    Mandala Art

    Mandala Art Tom D.'s Mandala

    Alexandra's Art Mandala Art

    Trace & His Artwork

    Cartouche Art


    Brayden and his Cartouche

    Adriana's Cartouche

    Chloe W.'s City

    Family Artwork

    Dylan with Her Artwork