1. On a nice day, when it's not muddy, bring some paper with you and a plain pencil, and a big book to lean on for later. .  Lie back in your yard.  Look Up.

    What are the clouds doing?  What pictures do they make?  Give yourself a good 10 minutes and see what starts to happen.

    Sketch what the clouds start to make from your view. Do you see animals? Objects? Familiar things?  Label them.

    1a. After observing clouds for one day and sketching, go back in the same spot on a different nice day  .What do you see now?

    Sketch your observations.  Any repeats or patterns?  Label them.

    1b. If you really like 1 and 1a.  Make a cloud sketch diary for a week of sunny days!  I'd love to see it!


    2. PICTIONARY Use scrap paper, or water with brushes on the driveway, and play a person in the game of Pictionary. It's like charades,but you draw the clues instead of giving movements.  This website explains the rules and gives you topics to draw in Easy-Hard categories.  Decide ahead of time if you will play to 20 points, or more or less. Some people like to use a stopwatch or egg timer.

    CLICK ON THE BLUE button to get ideas for drawing.


    3. HOT POTATO PICTURES:  This can be played with 2 or more people.  The person who is the youngest begins by drawing a type of line on a blank piece of paper ( squiggly, straight, bent, twisted, your choice.)  Then you pass it to the next person, who adds one line onto it to try to make it into something, then pass it to the next person to add to it.  Keep going around the room, or back and forth until you have a full picture. The game is silent, so you can't tell the person what to make, but perhaps you might be on the same wave length and create an idea together......or might end up being crazy.  Either way, at the end of 10 minutes, you must stop and title your picture.  Enjoy!