• Math Supplemental Activities

    • Fill in numbers 1-100 on the blank hundreds chart here
    • Continue to practice your fact fluency here
    • Play "Fact Fluency War" using a deck of cards. Play the traditional "War" game but flip over two cards at a time and add them (if practicing subtraction, subtract the smaller number from the bigger number). The person with the larger sum (or difference) collects all cards. Aces are 1. Jack, Queen, King are 10.
    • Play math games here 
    • Math Card Games
    • Number Scroll Pages
    • Base Ten Bingo


    Writing Supplemental Activities

    • Write a small moment story about something you did today. Use your own writing paper or writing paper to print can be found here.
    • Write a letter to a friend or family member outside of your house. Mail or e-mail the letter!
    • Nonfiction research project: Choose a topic you know a lot about (ex. an animal, a sport, a food, a person, etc.) and write all about what you know. You can make a book, a poster, a slideshow, a pamphlet - anything to share the information!
    • Write a poem using your own paper or the poem writing paper found here. You can choose from the following types of poems: 
      • Freestyle
      • List
      • Repeated line
      • Shape 
      • Challenge yourself: write a poem that rhymes


    Reading Supplemental Activities

    • Read a favorite book from home (or from Epic!) and retell the story. You can retell using words, pictures, acting it out, making puppets and putting on a show, etc. Don't forget to include what happened in the beginning, middle and end.
    • Play this Indoor Reading Bingo game!


    Word Study Supplemental Activities 

    • Create your own word wall! Use a large piece of paper to write the alphabet across the top. Use this list to create a word wall to use at home.
    • Use the list above to create notecards for your word wall words. Play games using these cards: Hangman, Spelling Bee, Scavenger Hunt (search for a given word), Rainbow Writing, Hidden Word Picture, Relay Race (pass the words), or make up your own game!


    Science and Social Studies Supplemental Activities


    Mrs. Corley's Scavenger Hunts

    Fun Stuff