• Technique A - Live Video for Classroom Instruction

    (Works on laptop, Chromebook, and iPad)

    Zoom Video Conference - Part 01 Settings


    Zoom Video Conference - Part 02a Scheduling a Class Session

    (For the full feature set, use a computer with a webcam, iPad and Chromebook have a limited feature set)

    Zoom Video Conference on an iPad- Part 02b Scheduling a Class Session


    Zoom Video Conference - Part 03 Start the Class & Control How Students Join

    Zoom Video Conference - Part 04 Interact with the Whole Class or Small Groups

    (The participants used a chromebook, Windows laptop, & an iPad)

     (Works on iPad example)

    Zoom on an iPad

  • Ways to Use Zoom

    • Record presentations with or without students.
    • Create recorded tutorials without any participants in the room and post to your Google Classroom.
    • Have students lead presentations and teach their classmates. 
    • Invite virtual guest speakers into your classroom. 
    • Host mystery guest read-aloud sessions for younger students.
    • Invite older students to say hello and check in with younger students.
    • Play a virtual group game like Pictionary, Hangman etc.