• Grant Requests

    The Highlander Booster Club distributes funds to teams for a specific need through a grant application process.  After identifying a team need which cannot be met through the athletic department budget, the head coach or Athletic Director may apply for a Highlander Booster Club Grant.  

    The Grant Application must be filled out completely and submitted via email to the Booster Club President and/or Grants Chairperson.  

    After receiving approval from the Athletic Director, the Grants Chairperson presents the application at the next meeting to the Highlander Booster Club Board of Directors for discussion, consideration and vote.

    Approval of grant requests is not guaranteed, and funding is granted on a funds available basis.  Any items purchased through a Highlander Booster Club Grant are donated to the Berkeley Heights Board of Education and become the property of Governor Livingston High School.

    The Grant Application is available from the Athletic Director.  Grant Applications are accepted throughout the school year. We encourage all coaches and teams to apply for a Highlander Booster Club Grant.

    As of January 1, 2020, team grant requests are frozen as the HBC is in the midst of exploring a large scale capital project initiative.