• Our Support:

    All money raised by the Booster Club for Program Support is channeled directly back to the athletes and athletic programs at Governor Livingston High School through Grants, Awards and Sponsorships. 


    • School and Team Grants include:  
      • Partial sponsorship of lighting for annual Friday Night Lights
      • Team requests and board approved requests
      • Capital improvement projects to benefit all athletes

    Recognition Awards:

    • State, Sectional, County, Conference Team Champions
    • Athletic Record Breakers

    Scholarship Awards:

    • Michael Suchena Memorial Awards and Scholarships (2)
      • Named after the first Governor Livingston Athletic Director, all eligible students are considered for this award by the school (no application)
    • Andrew Quek Memorial Scholarship - Student Manager (1)
      • Students must submit application for this scholarship
    • Booster Club Scholarships (5 male athletes, 5 female athletes)
      • Students must submit application for this scholarship


    • Varsity Athletic Honor Society, which recognizes those Juniors and Seniors who exemplify the ideal of the Scholar Athlete.
    • Senior Student Athlete Banquet, which celebrates those Seniors who are Varsity Letter Award Winners at any point in their high school athletic career. Highlander Booster Club scholarships are announced at this event.