• Statement of Purpose:

    • To encourage and support athletes and athletic programs at Governor Livingston High School.
    • To provide financial assistance in meeting specific objectives when requested by the Athletic Director and/or coaches and staff.
    • To provide a forum and a continuing communication line between parents, coaches, the Athletic Director, and the Berkeley Heights Board of Education.
    • To stimulate interest in the development of and support of all athletic teams and programs throughout the communities of Berkeley Heights and Mountainside.
    • To recognize the achievements of individual athletes and teams.
    • To make athletic events enjoyable for players, coaches, and fans.
    • To celebrate the athletic and academic achievements of student athletes.


    The Highlander Booster Club, an IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is funded by member dues, donations, GL merchandise sales and various other fundraisers.  Please support our Highlander Booster Club athletes by joining today. The HBC meets monthly and we welcome your membership and volunteerism!