• GLHS Honors Choir Student Portfolio

    Mr. Elefante


    Block G

    Component 1:

    Participation in Concert Choir AND at least two co- or extra-curricular activities.

    Component 2:

    Monthly meetings with advisor, monthly journal entries, four music article reading responses, 2 college or professional concerts with a written critique.

    Component 3:

    Faculty-guided recital or research paper.


    Component 1

    Participation in full year Concert Choir

    Student must be registered for Concert Choir and attend weekly pull-out lessons.

    Participation in two additional choral activities

    Student must participate in at least two of the following co- or extra-curricular activities: Chamber Choir, Spring Musical, audition for Region or All-State Choir. Equivalency recording may be acceptable in place of an Honors Ensemble audition (per advisor’s approval).


    Component 2

    Meetings with advisor

    Student is required to schedule monthly appointments with advisor as per timeline.  If a student is absent on the day of a scheduled meeting, they must reschedule that meeting the first day they return.

    Reflective journal

    Student is responsible for submitting one journal entry per month on an assigned prompt.

    Guided outside reading – one per marking period

    Article from music magazine or journal as approved and signed by your advisor in advance of your meeting.  A one-page typed summary and reflection, along with a copy of the article, are due once per quarter as per the timeline.

    Advisor-approved concerts – one per semester

    Attendance of a concert of professional or college level. The concert must be in the classical, jazz or musical theater genre, and pre-approved by your advisor. A program, ticket stub and written review are due as per the timeline.


    Component 3

    Faculty-guided recital

    Recital should include three pieces. All vocal recitals are to be sung from memory. If music is used, the grade will drop one letter grade.

    Language Sequence:

    • Year 1: 2 English, 1 Latin or Italian
    • Year 2: 1 English, 1 Latin or Italian, 1 third language
    • Year 3: 1 English, 1 Latin or Italian, 1 fourth language

    one English piece per year may be jazz or musical theater


    Inter-disciplinary research paper

    Student must be enrolled in AP or Honors English and follow English research paper requirements.



    Each of these categories are equally weighted:

    1. Performance Participation
    2. Journal Entries
    3. Article Responses
    4. Concert Critiques (MP2 & MP4 only)
    5. Recital/Research Paper (MP4 only)