• Hi,

    Hi! I am Mr. Buonaspina, 8th Grade Civics and a social studies teacher for the 7th Grade Gold Team. Although I have been in the district since 2007, my first decade was at GL. This is my sixth year here at Columbia Middle and it is so great to be amongst such great students and staff! Please feel free to contact me at sbuonaspina@bhpsnj.org or Ex. 1619. I'll be sure to get back to you quickly!

    Please refer to Google Classroom for detailed class information.

    Please see the Syllabus pages on this website for Civics and G7SS for more information about each course.



    908-464-1600 Ex. 1619


    Availability based on appointment. I'll be sure to get back to you quickly!


    Students can meet up with me during EP1 on Days 1 and 3 and EP 2 on Day 4.