Welcome to 5th Grade
      "Take chances! Make mistakes! And get messy!" Ms. Frizzle
                                                                  Mrs. Pastore      

    -Please read the link below for the district policy regarding missed work:       Missed work


    -Please check your child's agenda provided by the Mt. Park PTO daily, for your child's homework. 

    -Don't forget to check the 5th grade calendar on the wall in the hallway.
    This is a great resource to double check the dates of quizzes, tests,
    and projects.
    -Browse around and check out some of the pages of this website. Please let me know if you feel there are other bits of information that would be helpful for me to include. I hope you find this website helpful!
    Contact me at : 464-1713 

    Have an awesome year!!!!

    Mrs. Pastore