• Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!

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    Welcome to 8th Grade! This year, we will be exploring the early history of the United States from the first colonies through the Civil War. In addition to learning the history and geography of our nation, you will also be enhancing your reading, writing, listening, researching and speaking skills. You will sharpen these skills by participating a wide range of activities in class. Throughout the year, please refer to the syllabus for this class so that you are always doing your part inside and outside the classroom. I promise to do my part by encouraging each and every one of you to embrace your unique learning style. I also promise to make our classroom an inclusive "home" away from home. 
    Best of luck for a successful and exciting school year!
    Miss Zalokostas 
    Department: Social Studies
    Room: B16
    Email: mzalokostas@bhpsnj.org
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