• Ms. Staci Toporek 
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    Department:   English
    Room: 18
    Email Address: stoporek@bhpsnj.org
    Phone Extension: (908) 464-3100 x 2404
    Courses:  Project Connect English/Yearbook Journalism
    Extra Curricular Activities: Advisor: Class of 2018, The Claymore Yearbook
    Office Hours/Extra Help:  Students are encouraged to contact me when they need to meet for help or discuss subject matters or grades
    Teacher's Schedule:
     2017-2018 schedule
    Course Information: 
    Google Classroom:
    • See class announcements, post information, and submit assignments through Google Classroom
    • To access your "classroom" go to classroom.google.com OR go to the Google Classroom app
    • Sign into Google using your GL information 
    • User name:  your GL email address (example:  mstudent18@bhpsnj.org)  
    • Click on "student"
    • Enter your "class code" from below:
    • Project Connect Block A -- 2k86w3
    • Project Connect Block C -- 8rkni5
    • Project Connect Block E -- 93pkaq  
    • Project Connect Block F-- 8crdna
    • Yearbook Journalism Block H -- tx66p29

    Parents:  to access please ask your child to show you this website

    Parent Contact Information: Please click on the link to access the contact information survey

    iTunes U:

    • Students will be able to access all of the handouts and resources through iTunes U. 
    • Class Code: DAB-LNW-CHB

    Zinc Learning Labs:

    • Student will learn vocabulary and complete activities in both vocabulary and non-fiction reading using Zinc Learning Labs, an online learning tool
    • Students have to set up an account using an outside email address.  They cannot use their BHPSNJ.org email.
    • Once they have an account, students will join the class using a class code.

    Class Codes:
    Block A - GCDlp (4th letter is “l” as in love)

    Block D - ldmek (1st letter is “l” as in love)

    Block E - i5bH1

    Block F - BbHT_



    Class Calendars:
    Course Syllabus (includes course expectations, class rules, grading policy, etc. )
    District Curriculum:
    Access all the District Curriculum Guides by clicking on the link