• Welcome to Dr. Meredith Morgan's Homepage! 
    I am a member of the GL Science Department.  I am teaching Honors and AP Chemistry this year.  I teach in Room 208 Blocks B and  G Blocks (Chemistry Honors) and D and H Blocks (AP Chemistry).  As Dr. Spirovski is teaching in the same room Blocks A, C, and F you will most likely find me in the IMC when I am not teaching.   

    Phone Extension:  To make arrangements for a phone or in-person conference, please e-mail me at mmorgan@bhpsnj.org.  I am not able to answer the phone in my classroom directly, so this is actually the best way to reach me by phone!

    Email Address: mmorgan@bhpsnj.org

    Office Hours

    • During lunch when lab is not in session, and by appointment after school, or during IMC duty or latter half of Study Hall duty periods pending the needs of those students I am supervising.  
    • For my class and duty schedule, click here: class, duty, and room schedule

    Course Information
    • All scheduling information (what we're doing each day (i.e. "what you missed"), when tests are happening, when homework is assigned, when the next ChemFiesta (group study session) is happening...) is available to students by signing up for either the APChem 2017-2018 or Chem Honors Morgan Google Calendar
    • The latest thoughts on how to successfully interpret your lab, data from other students so you can compare your results to the rest of the class, selected electronic copies of assignments...) is shared in Google Classroom
      • Sign into Google using your GL information
      • User: your GL email address (e.g., jdoe17@bhpsnj.org)
      • Password: your six-digit student id followed by "BH" or "bh"
      • Click on "student"
      • Enter your "class code"
        • AP Chemistry (Blocks D and H)fyq9o8g
        • Chemistry Honors (Block B)9w8y3b
        • Chemistry Honors (Block G) - k08nwh

    Course Overview/Syllabus (Introductory Powerpoint): AP ChemistryChemistry Honors
    District Curricula: https://www.bhpsnj.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=821

    Chemistry is hard.  It uses every corner of your brain to look at and think about things that are happening on a scale not readily observable by the naked eye.  Chemistry can indeed be confusing.  But there is a logic to it all, and we can do this, we can figure it out, and we can have fun doing it.  We can and we will do this together. We will help each other learn, grow, and have fun, together.  -   Meredith Morgan, September 2017