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    Department: Math
    Room(s): 11
    Phone Extension: 2357
    Email Address:  nmanganelli@bhpsnj.org
    2021-22 SUPPLIES
    Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 Honors: 
    • iPad fully charged (and earbuds for when in school)
    • 3 dry erase markers (preferably black, blue, and green)
    • Binder with loose leaf and graph paper
    • Notability or another app to keep your work organized if you plan to work on the ipad
    • 2 or more sharpened pencils with erasers
    • Optional but recommended since we won't be sharing: Calculator TI-84, stylus to write on iPad, hand sanitizer
    Click on "Course Expectations"  to the left for Keys to Success documents
    Click on "Helpful Resources for Students" to the left for help with textbook, websites, online places to find help, printable graph paper links
    Click on "Back to School Night Presentations" to the left for Back to School night hand outs (after Back to School Night)
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    Please use Google Classroom:     
    Under the Classwork tab you will find the plan for the day and homework for each night (which will also update on the class Calendar, along with
          upcoming tests/quizzes and other important events).     
    20120-21 Schedule     
    Block A PC Geometry       
    Block B Geometry Honors 
    Block C Algebra 2 Honors
    Block F Algebra 2 Honors
    Block H PC Geometry
    Extra Help: During unch by appointment